Trushare Files  No. 4



September 1995




Speculating in Anglican Futures
Jim Packer from a Canadian perspective

War over the Family
David Holloway looks at Something to Celebrate

FiF Update

Biblical Exposition
The Pastor-Teacher Holds the Key

Robbie Low interviews
The Very Revd Milun Kostic

Faith of Our Fathers
Our One Reliance

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Theme Parks and Primitive Peoples

Pop Goes the Weasel: Celebrating and Affirming

Synod Insider
What's Wrong with Inclusive Language?

Letter from Australia

Letter from America 1
Latitude without Depth

Letter from America 2
Episcopal Charismatics

Letter from the Baltic
Communion in a Divided Church

Devotional Meditation

Question and Answer
How important is the Gift of Tongues?

Education Supplement

  1. Defenders of the Faith: Canon Bernard Bell

  2. Facts of the Faith

  3. Moving the Church Union into the Future

  4. Cursillo for Catholics: an Introduction

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