Trushare Files  No. 5



October 1995




Good in Parts
Stephen Trott considers the Turnbull Report

The Challenge of Islam
The Bishop of Dar-es-Salam the bleak future of the "evangelism of love" in East Africa

Devotional Meditation
The Harvest of Thanksgiving

The Word is Near
Lindsay Urwin writes about Caister

The Band Played On
Terry Kelshaw on the Spin doctors of American

Not the Good Book
John Broadhurst considers some recent translations of the Bible

FiF Update

Biblical Exposition
By What Authority?

Robbie Low interviews
The Rt Revd Ed MacBurney

Faith of our Fathers
Reconsidering Allegorical Interpretation

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Rumblings from the Cavern

Pop Goes the Weasel: "Experience"

Synod Insider
Alice in Durhamland

Letter from Australia
The love that dare not speak its name

Reform Update
Who will buy shares in The Church of England plc?

International Bishops' Conference Meets

Legal & Parochial
Disciplining the Clergy

Question and Answer
I find daily bible-reading very dry. Any suggestions?

Education Supplement

  1. The Devil's Net?

  2. Saints Alive: The Blessed Virgin Mary

  3. Facts of the Faith

  4. Cursillos for Catholics: How they work

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