Trushare Files  No. 6



November 1995




When the Mist begins to Clear
Sam Edwards sees that recent developments have cleared the air

Turnbull & Others
David Holloway asks what remedies there are for a dysfunctional church

Churchmen in the Midlands

Devotional Meditation
For All The Saints

Update FiF
News from the Forward in Faith Assembly
[including Motions carried]

Gill James on 
Regional Deans & Resolutions

Biblical Exposition
Is it Well with your Soul? Psalm 63

Robbie Low interviews
The Revd Daniel Cozens

Faith of our Fathers
Revelation through Creation

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Victim Divine

Pop Goes the Weasel: "Inclusive"

Synod Insider
A New Synod Takes Shape

Letter from Australia
An Australian Perspective on Disestablishment

Letter from America
How they took the Good News from Lyons to Louisiana

Reform Update
Theological Training: The Way Ahead?

Legal & Parochial
Death and the Local Incumbent

Education Supplement

  1. The Abbot's Mug

  2. All Saints & All Souls

  3. Facts of the Faith

  4. Your Computer: Protestant or Catholic?

  5. Focus on Mission: Where have all the Pagans Gone?

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