Trushare Files  No. 7



December 1995




Upholding the Bonds of Peace

Devotional Meditation
A Mystery Revealed

Towards Liturgy, Live and Education

The Company you Keep
Andrew Burnham revisits the concelebration debate

The Cross on the Crib
Andy Hawes on the Atonement and the Incarnation

Update FiF

Biblical Exposition
The Grave Mistakes of a Fool: Luke 12: 1321

Robbie Low interviews
The Rt Revd the Bishop of Myra

Faith of our Fathers
The Composition of Liturgical Prayer

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Dining with Tigers

Synod Insider
Home Thoughts from Abroad

Letter from Australia
Deciding what Priests are for

Letter from America
That's the way they do it

Reform Update
Crosslinks or Crossed Wires

Human Sexuality and the Gospel: The Second John Keble Conference

Legal and Parochial
The Intention to Marry

Question & Answer
My Children don't want to come to church

Education Supplement

  1. What our Children think of Marriage and the Family

  2. Saints Alive: The Holy Family

  3. Memorandum

  4. Some Tapioca Pudding

  5. Facts of the Faith: Doing What comes Naturally

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