Trushare Files  No. 8



January 1996



An Executive Church
Richard Roberts asks if we should welcome the Turnbull Report

Catholicism Affirming
John Hunwicke responds to Edwin Barnes's notion of a personal prelature and adds a few ideas of his own

Devotional Meditation
The Epiphany

The Cost of Discipleship
Gerry O'Brien says that missionary giving has declined

Church Dogmatics
Geoffrey Kirk on reactions to the Vatican
statement on women priests

Biblical Exposition
Start Right Stay Right: Genesis 1:14

Robbie Low interviews
The Rt Revd Richard Chartres

Synod Spectator No. 1

  1. A Certain Notoriety
    Helen Jarvis reflects about being the youngest member of General Synod

  2. Is That All?
    Four new members come to terms with General Synod and its ways

  3. Out of the Goldfish Bowl
    George Austin feels the excitement of a new freedom

Faith of our Fathers
The Cost of Ken's Conscience

30 Days

The Way we Live Now
Freedom Enchained

Pop Goes the Weasel: "inappropriate"

Synod Insider
When Backbenchers Rule

Letter from Canada
Communion in a Divided Church

Cooling Off
A cautionary tale from Chelmsford

Reform Update
Why Homosexuality Won't Lie Down

Legal & Parochial
The Queen v. the Lord Bishop of Southwark


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