Trushare Files  No. 9



February 1996



Equipped to Serve?
Philip Giddings on Turnbull

Nine O'Clock Shadows
Linda Woodhead considers the hidden implications of the scandal

Devotional Meditation
Renewing Personal Devotion

What St Thomas can teach the Flying Bishops

When is a story not a myth?
Gerald Bray on his visit to EALC

Tom Longford writes about his work

FiF UPdate

Biblical Exposition
Why Bother with God? Psalm 73

Robbie Low interviews
James Molyneaux, MP

Books for Lent

Faith of our Fathers
Lent with the Fathers

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Where Oaths do not Bind

Pop Goes the Weasel: Reports

Synod Insider
Pensioned Off?

Letter from Australia
A New Climate for Evangelism

Letter from America
Left with God

Reform Update
For the Sake of the Gospel

Pop goes the weasel: Reports

Legal & Parochial
Listed by Lambeth

Question & Answer
Is God Cruel?

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