Trushare Files  No. 13



June 1996



And the Band Played on
Graham Collingwood about deck-chairs on the Titanic

It is a Jewel    
Devotional Meditation

Stress on the Clergy
John Masding thinks today's clergy need support and time off

A Window of Opportunity
Gill Brentford says Youth A Part is a wake-up call

That's the Way they do it
George Austin reveals the arcane antics of the Crown Appointments Commission

Sheepdip 1996
Ronald Crane explains how the FiF Youth Event has gone from Strength to Strength

Update FiF

Biblical Exposition
Prepare to meet your God!: Amos 1: 1-11

Robbie Low interviews
John Sentamu

Faith of our Fathers
The Doctrine of Reserve

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
To Milk the Bull

Pop Goes the Weasel: "Core Doctrines"

Synod Insider
A Day in the Life

Letter from Australia
The Old Country and the New

Letter from America
A Thirst for Souls

Reform Update
Reform's Regional Advisers

Legal & Parochial
Despitefully Used

Question and Answer
The Trinity incomprehensible that is what it is to me  Help!

Synod Spectator

  1. The Gracious Gift of Prophecy

  2. Turnbull in Trouble

  3. The Great Episcopal Take-over

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