Trushare Files  No. 15



August 1996



The Centenary of Apostolicae Curae
Andrew Burnham is puzzled

Devotional Meditation
The Great Exemplar

A New Eve but no Goddess
Arthur Middleton on his experience in Hong Kong

The Ladder of Divine Ascent II
Douglas Dales continues his series

June Competition

FiF Update

Biblical Exposition
The Lord of the Church Rev. 1: 920

Robbie Low interviews
Daphne Jones

Faith of our Fathers
Remembering Percy Dearmer

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
That's the Way They Did It

Synod Insider
What's Going On?

Letter from Australia
Justice and Spirituality

Letter from America
Is this where it's at?

A Century of Service
Michael Peel describes the work of St Barnabas College, Lingfield


Synod Spectator

  1. Everyone's a Winner

  2. The Mystery of Hell

  3. Above Every Nature?

  4. Women Clergy Now

  5. Young People and the Church

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