Trushare Files  No. 16



September 1996



Communion in a Broken Church
Stephen Parkinson will be on his knees

A Word from the Head
Geoffrey Kirk looks at a crucial passage from St Paul

Career or Commitment?
Leslie Chadd believes that there has been an unfortunate change in attitude

Positively Patriarchal
Howell Davies shares with Credo Cymru some insights into basic biblical imagery

Handmaids of Truth
Nigel Atkinson looks at the solemn side of Satire

Living in Interesting Times
Edwin Barnes reflects on "Flying Bishops"

Faith of our Fathers
The Position of the Peace

New Directions of the C. of E.
John Gladwin sees Turnbull as a "window of opportunity"

Who? Where? Why?

FiF Update

Devotional Meditation
Four Types of Faith: Numbers 1314

Christ our Future

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
You're All Booked!

Synod Insider
Entering a Virtuous Spiral

Letter from Australia
More Important than Life and Death

Letter from America
Too Small a Calling

Reform Update

Legal & Parochial

Question & Answer
Why do I find it so difficult to be a Christian?


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