Trushare Files  No. 17



October 1996



In Search of Authority
Mark Burkill takes an evangelical look at Apostolicae Curae

Bourgeois Managerialism
Martyn Percy on the deficiencies of Turnbull

Organising the Salt of the Earth
Nicholas Coulton questions the theology of Turnbull

Shocked but not Surprised
Robbie Low finds nothing surprising in the ecclesiastical biography of the year

Biblical Exposition
The Vital Importance of Bad News: 
Romans 1: 1832

Tongued with Fire
Douglas Dale: The Ladder of Divine Ascent III

The Religious Life Now
A Sister speaks of the condition of our religious communities

Faith of our Fathers
Christ and the Wholeness of the Church

Nobis Non Placet
Francis Gardom explains why he is calling for a Day of Prayer and Fasting on November 16

FiF Update

Robbie Low interviews
Michael Harper

Devotional Meditation
Devotional Light and High Beauty

R.I.P. Father Christopher Gray

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Broken Rites

Synod Insider
Synodical Liturgiology

Letter from Australia
Little Green Men and Big Questions

Letter from America
More of the Same

Reform Update
Low-key, Sensitive and Carefully Monitored

Question and Answer
Do I have to be clever to be a good Christian?


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