Trushare Files  No. 21



February 1997


Thirty Days


Over There: Bishop Edwin Barnes' journey through USA & Canada

David Mills: The Triumph of Optimism Over Experience -- Theology has logic

A Lambeth New Year?: George Austin thinks there are signs that the C of E is in for a New Deal

God's Gypsy: David Hope's Sermon at the Consecration of Bishop David Thomas

God's Left Hand: Leslie Chadd tries out a new image for the "foolishness of God"

Pastoralia: Robbie Low wonders if some of the new Synodical notions will "take" in his parish

Paying the Price: William Powell MP replies to Philip Crowe's attempt to ground the Flying Bishops

Devotional Meditation: Duty & Conscience. Edward King

News from the Forward in Faith Regions

The Way We Live Now: The Last Taboo

Papuan Proust vs Australian Shakespeare

Letter from Wales: An Evangelical Apologia for Alternative Oversight

Book Reviews

An extra-ordinary Anomaly

Q. & A.: Does it matter that the Christmas stories really happened or not?

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