Trushare Files  No. 22



March 1997


Comment March 1997

Colin Podmore on the Porvoo Agreement

Norwegian Bishops dissent on implications of Porvoo

Total Salvation in Christ

Recovering the Gospel

Anne Atkins: The Arizona Cryonics Convention

Bishop Edwin Barnes: Emphasising Eames

Apostolic Question-and-Answer: II Cor. 4: 1-6

News from the Forward in Faith Regions

Robbie Low interviews Margaret Laird

March 1997: Thirty Days

The Way We Live Now: Our Town

Synod Insider: A Fistful of Aces

Letter from Australia: Expressions of a Sly Hope

Letter from America: An Open Letter to the Bishop of Edinburgh

March 1997: Book Reviews

Reform Update: Essex Man Moves South

Legal& Parochial: Poverty, Politics and the General Election

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