Trushare Files  No. 24



May 1997


Comment May 1997

30 Days: May 1997

Book Reviews, May 1997

Bible Study: The Great Escape: Ephesians 2: 1-10

Devotional Meditation: Self-sacrifice

Knowing the Church's Mind: A Response to Tom Sutcliffe

Pilgrimage II: The Glastonbury Story

Ann Atkins: Thought for the Day

Faith of our Fathers: Between Resurrection and Ascension

A Year at the House

Christianity and the Law

The Watchmaker's Apprentice

The Way We Live Now: Tinker, Tailor, Baker, Sailor

Synod Insider: May 1997: Louder than Words

Reform Update: Benvenuto Kuala Lumpur!

Question & answer: I am afraid of death

Robbie Low Interviews John Pearce

Letter from Wales: God's Scholar Gypsy

Letter from America: The Making of the President

Letter from Australia: New Age Mysticism

Forward in Faith Update: May 1997

Bishop John Broadhurst: The Need for Theology


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