Trushare Files  No. 26



July 1997


30 Days: July 1997

Life Abundantly

Letter from America: Dan Quayle was Right

Letter from Australia: Towards a Buddhist Future

Book Reviews: July 1997

R.I.P. Joan Buckingham

Comment: July 1997

The Way We Live Now: Who Runs May Read

Three Years On: The Bishop of Ebbsfleet

John Gribben CR: More Moving Than Descartes

Geoffrey Kirk: Seen to be Done

Synod Insider: Out of the Frying Pan

Question & Answer by John Pearce

Leslie Francis: Personality & Scripture

Alan Rabjohns: A New Jerusalem?

Reform Update: The Prince and the Goose

Moses Tay, Archbishop of Singapore

Forward in Faith Update, July 1997

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