Trushare Files  No. 27



August 1997


The Way We Live Now: Managing the Future

Robbie Low Interviews Stephen Noll

News from the Forward in Faith Regions

Bishop Edwin Barnes: Strange Conventions

John Hunwicke: A Damascene Advent

Raymond Chapman: Cranmer, Dix and the State of the Liturgy

Peter Toon: In, With and By

Biblical Exposition: Created He Them

Comment for August 1997

August 1997: 30 Days

Article 3 Children’s Ministry - The Message

An Open Letter from the Episcopal Synod of America to all faithful people of the Anglican Tradition

Faith of Our Fathers: The Sickle of Authority

Letter from Australia: A Missionary Envoi

Letter from America: Daily Life in Laodicea

Reform Update: Cakes and Congregationalism

Q&A: Why do Low Church people pay no attention to the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Synod Insider: The Mexican Wave

Book Reviews: August 1997


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