Trushare Files  No. 31



December 1997


Comment: December 1997

Robbie Low Interviews Peter Lilley

News from the Forward in Faith Regions: December '97

Gary Bennett and the Crockfords Affair

The Way We Live Now: That is Forever England

Edwin Barnes: Commitment to Mission and Unity

Biblical Exposition: A Necessary but not Sufficient Sacrifice: Deut 12:29-30

December 1997: 30 Days

Rebuilding the Christian Mind II: Christian Schools --- Desirable or Detestable?

Devotional Article: Love of this Present World

Letter from Australia: A Managerial Milieu

Letter from America: Un-Anglican Activities

Reform Update: Fearful of a Phobia

Familiar Relationships: Women's Ordination and Provincial Autonomy

Idle Curiosity: No Crying at Christmas?

Synod Insider: Burning Bridges

Pop Goes the Weasel: December 1997

Faith of Our Fathers: Yesterday, Today and Forever

Question and Answer: Need I believe all the Christmas Stories?

Book Reviews December 1997

More From America: Matthew Fox's University


Open Letter to all Bishops of the Anglican Communion
by the Dean of Lusaka: June 26th 1997



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