Trushare Files  No. 36



May 1998


Comment: May 1998
Letter from America: May 1998 Goodbye to the Father
Letter from Australia: Winter of Discontent
30 Days: May 1998

John Habgood: Garry Bennett & The Crockford's Preface

David Dale: An Optional Extra
Clergy on the Move

Biblical Exposition: The Judgement of God and 
the Security of the Saints

Devotional Meditation: Beams and Logs

Christopher Idle: Henry Scott Holland is Nothing At All
Highways and Byways in Hymns
Lambeth Briefing by Archdeacon Armitage-Shanks

For Information: About Archdeacon Armitage-Shanks

Robbie Low Interviews David Holloway

Michael Morris: Flight Control of Flying Bishops

Faith of our Fathers: Duty and Conscience

Reform Update: Hot Communication

Synod Insider: Mr Nice and Mr Nasty

Geoffrey Kirk: Just a Girl who can't say No

The Way We Live Now: A Papistical Palimpsest


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