Trushare Files  No. 37



June 1998


Letter from Australia: The Torres Straits Consecrations
30 Days: June 1998
Comment: June 1998
Letter from America: June 1998 Waiting for Godot
Pete Broadbent: Garry Bennett & The Crockford's Preface
Francis Gardom: Corinthian Casuals
Kevin O'Donnell Being too Liberal with 'Liberal'
Andrew Burnham: Being Orthodox with 'Orthodox'
Devotional Meditation: St Barnabas
Christopher Idle: Highways and Byways in Hymns
George Austin: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
June '98 Lambeth Briefing by Archdeacon Armitage-Shanks
Robbie Low Interviews Michael Houghton
Peter Lilley: Jubilee 2000
Faith of our Fathers: Thomas Traherne: A Man for Today
Reform Update: The Word 'P'
Synod Insider: Non-Executive Director 
sought for well-known National Charity
Self-Advertiser's Announcement Re: The Archbishops' Council

The Way We Live Now: Impedimenta Lambethiana
Biblical Exposition: The Seven Trumpets: The World Given Up
Jack Spong's Twelve Theses



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