Trushare Files  No. 38



July 1998


Letter from Australia: Rightist Revolutionaries
30 Days: July 1998
Comment: July 1998
Letter from America:  Ecclesia Contra Scripturas
A Decimating Decade by Gerry O'Brien
Bishops' Wardens by Stephen Trott
Simon Ellis: All You Need is Love
Andrew Patrick: Home and Heart
Devotional Meditation: St Mary Magdalene
Christopher Idle: Idle Curiosity: Psalms and Samples
Garry Bennett and the Crockford's Preface: 
Alan Cole asks "Who was not listening?"
July '98 Lambeth Briefing 
by Archdeacon Armitage-Shanks
Robbie Low's Visit to Crewe
Forward in Faith Update
Reform Update: A Strategy for Reform
Synod Insider: Nor do I Collect Postage Stamps
An Open Letter to the Lambeth Fathers:
On Kicking the Cat

The Way We Live Now: The Bishop and I
Biblical Exposition: The Seven Trumpets: 
The Church Commissioned (Rev: 10: 1-18)
Bishop Spong's Reformation by Bishop Paul Richardson
Called to Full Humanity: Chris Green on the First Lambeth Paper



John Keble Lecture Series X
Fr Timothy Finigan on Sin, Conscience and the Law of God


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