Trushare Files  No. 40



September 1998


September 1998: Thirty Days
Letter from America: Small Change from Lambeth
Letter from Australia: Antipodean Futures
Biblical Exposition: A Church Opposed
Andrew Cousland: The Word of God Written
Devotional Meditation: Letter to a Frequent Communicant
Faith of our Fathers: Et Homo Factus est
Forward in Faith Update
David Houlding SSC: The Joy of Being Single
Eames in Japan: John Turner
A Day in the Life: Bishop John Richards
Francis Gardom: Just Not Natural
Jonathan Redvers Harris: Back to ABC
Rodney Schofield: The Language of Faith
Lambeth Briefing by Archdeacon Armitage Shanks
George Austin: God's Spin Doctors
Robbie Low interviews Bishop Spong
Synod Insider: The Silly Season
The Way We Live Now: Unhappy Anniversary


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