Trushare Files  No. 41



October 1998


October 1998: Comment
October 1998: Thirty Days
Letter from America: Shunning Shaw
Strangers and Pilgrims: Sermon at Bishop Hazlewood's Requiem
Devotional Meditation: The Wisdom of the Grave
Faith of our Fathers: George Herbert
Forward in Faith Update
Bernard Sharp: Spark and Support
Brother Martin SSF: Cracked Cloisters
Robin Ellis: Bishop John Richards: Vale et Ave!
Fr Sam Edwards: Being in Communion
Idle Curiosity: Curtain Raiser or the Royal School of Church What?
Edwin Barnes: Before and after the Lambeth Conference
Lambeth Briefing by Archdeacon Armitage Shanks
John Masding: Muddying the Waters
Robbie Low interviews Bishop Keith Ackerman
Synod Insider: Costly Witness of the Poor
The Way We Live Now: Plus ša change
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