Trushare Files  No. 44



January 1999


Comment: January 1999

30 Days: January 1999

Bricks without Straw: Warwick Whelan on Chaplains in the NHS

The Truth Shall Set You Free
The revised text of the document The Case for a Free Province
of the Church of England
which the Council of Forward in Faith
is commending for discussion in the regions

Faith of our Fathers: Light in Mid-winter

Anthony Kilmister: Will Moses Keep Taking the Tablets?

Stephen Trott: Fairness at Work for the Clergy

Geoffrey Kirk: Our Father....
The meaning of the Lord's Prayer

Letter from America: A Tale of Two Bishops

Millennium Experience by April Heavisides

Leslie Fairfield: The Three-legged Stool

Rodney Schofield: Rationality and Revelation I

David Mills: Rationality and Revelation II

Forward in Faith Update January 1999

Idle Curiosity: The Singing Fields

Letter from Australia: Consecrated Sheilas

The Way We Live Now: Establishment Antics

Update Reform: No Free Province for Reform

Question and Answer: Let's be practical. How do you read the Bible Daily?

Synod Insider: Single Transferable Bishops


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