Trushare Files  No. 50



July 1999


Comment: July 1999

30 Days: June 1999

Letter from America July 1999 Eccentric Centrism

The Truth Shall Set You Free
The revised text of the document The Case for a Free Province
of the Church of England
which the Council of Forward in Faith
is commending for discussion in the regions

Letter from Canada July 99: The Canadian Church in Crisis

Timely Devolution: Geoffrey Kirk talks to Credo Cymru about the Free Province

Ideals and Religion: Peter Green

Christ our Future: by Bishop John Richards

Natural Justice: Anthony Kilmister sees the Churchwardens Measure sunk

Forward in Faith Update July 99

Reform Update: A Successor for Simeon?

April Heavisides: Millennium Experience

Robbie Low: Upstairs Downstairs II

Idle Curiosity: Morning Glory, Starlit Sky

Faith of our Fathers: Pelagius and Augustine

The Way We Live Now: Of Shooting and Feet

Christ Our Future: WHEN? WHERE? HOW?

Synod Insider: Appealing to some

A Second Chance: a Last Chance? Roger Greenacre on The Gift of Authority

Autonomy Meets Authority: Ian Ker on the Roman Primacy as a "gift"

Mother God, I wonder...John Richardson on the language used at the enthronement of the Bishop of Leicester


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