Trushare Files  No. 51



August 1999


Comment: August 1999

30 Days: August 1999

Ut Unum Sint: David Houlding preaches at Glastonbury

Letter from America August  1999 Continuing Education

Letter from Australia: Happy and Glorious

The Truth Shall Set You Free
The revised text of the document The Case for a Free Province
of the Church of England
which the Council of Forward in Faith
is commending for discussion in the regions

David Phillips: Caught in The Act

Letter from Wales August 99: Behind the Celtic Fringe

The Church at Rest: Paul Griffin

Christ our Future: by Bishop David Thomas

Longer than you Think:  Rodney Schofield on Reception, women bishops and what the future holds

Forward in Faith Update August 99

Reform Update: Apt to Teach

April Heavisides: Millennium Experience

Robbie Low: Books, Books Books

Idle Curiosity: The Worm's Turn

Faith of our Fathers: Jeremy Taylor

The Way We Live Now: Gilding the Lily

Synod Insider: Autolyicus Synodicus

The Winter of our Discontent: The Ecumenical Patriarch addresses the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Devotional Article: At Massah and at Meribah

Experimental Liturgy: A Parish priest reflects on the (numerical) consequences of going back to the future

In Community: Brother Martin SSF tells of a meeting of monks, friars and nuns


My Wounded Church: Geoffrey Kirk's
article in The Tablet 31 July 1999 

Bishop Holloway's Interview in the Scotsman



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