Trushare Files  No. 57



April 2000


Comment April 2000

Faith of our Fathers: Death and Resurrection in Conflict

Christ our Future: by Bishop Lindsay Urwin

Less Full Than It Was
Edwin Barnes on the Impairment of Communion

30 Days: April 2000

Church Universal? by Geoffrey Kirk

Nigel Holmes: Auntie's Unholy Bloomers:
The Debate about Religious Broadcasting

The Commentary: Whine, Women and Wrong by Robbie Low

Dear Bill: an Anonymous correspondent 
offers words of comfort to Dr Beaver

If Not Us, then Who? Quentin Marrow on 
the demise of orthodoxy in North America

Bill's Briefing 
by The Public Enlightenment Officer of the Archbishops' Council

The Way We Live Now: O Vos Omnes

Synod Insider: Selling Skodas

Letter from Australia:  Yesterday's Men by David Chislett

Peter Toon: Letter from America. One Thing Leads to Another

Idle Curiosity: The People's Hymn

Bind Us Together, Lord:  
Robert Beaken looks at the
Scott-Joynt proposals

Episcopacy Anew:  A Tribute from the Durham Chapter 
to Bishop John Gaisford on his Retirement

Forward in Faith Update April 2000

Lambeth Watch: Entering the Fray
by Martin Hislop


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