Trushare Files  No. 62



July 2000


Comment, July 2000

Christ our Future
The Bishop of London at London Arena

The Goddess Arrives
More than "God in a Skirt", 
says Philip Davis

A touch of Indigestion
Hugh Bates on some contemporary views of the historical Jesus

The Durham Report
Robbie Low unveils plans which could mean the end of the parochial ministry as we have known it

Idle Curiosity
A & M = Archetypal and Millennial?

The Way We Live Now
The Bronx is up and the Battery's down

On Being a Decent Sort of Fellow
George Austin reflects on the expectations of a polite society

Challenging Received Wisdom
Geoffrey Kirk concludes that the
Doctrine of Reception make no practical political sense

The Universality of the Church
John Twistleton shares some thoughts on June 10, 2000

Letter from Sweden
Disestablishment and Disintegration

Malawi Mailing
Rodney Schofield on keeping the faith once delivered to the saints

Bill's Briefing, July 2000

July 2000:Thirty Days

Synod Insider by Gerry O'Brien
Of Self-esteem and Trojan Horses




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