Trushare Files  No. 63



August 2000


Comment, August 2000

Christ our Future
An American Perspective

A Man for His Season
George Austin on Robert Runcie 

A touch of Indigestion Part 2
Hugh Bates on some contemporary views of the historical Jesus

Thinking About Tradition
Michael Banks leads Coventry Forward in Faith in a pilgrimage into the Tradition

Idle Curiosity

The Way We Live Now
On Being Methodical

Alas! Poor Jorvic!
Andrew Burnham describes the dynamic of a disappointing Synod, which lived up to no-one's expectations

Reception and Communion
A Report on a recent Consultation at St George's House, Windsor

Spin on the Act
Jonathan Redvers Harris looks at the Blackburn report on the way the Act of Synod has been "working out as a matter of pastoral practice"

Robbie Low girds up his loins and patrols the suburban top shelves

Letter from America
Two Religions on Mount Carmel

Bill's Briefing, August 2000

August 2000
Thirty Days

Synod Insider by Gerry O'Brien
Vote! Vote! Vote!

Letter from Australia
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