Trushare Files  No. 68



January 2001


Comment, January 2001

The Big Picture
by David Robarts

Begotten or Made?
Anthony Bell considers some moral dilemmas

Christmas is for Children

In the Blake Mid-Winter
Anne Gardom

Roots and Remedies
Charles Moore reflects on the current dilemmas of Christians

A Thought for the Morrow
Hugh Bates is not above taking a few hints from the children of this world

Few Are Chosen Part III
Robbie Low

Idle Curiosity
The Colour is Pink

Forward in Faith Update

At a Pub near you
Christopher Idle reveals his nocturnal activities

The Last Chronicles of Salchester

Did I Witness a Miracle?
Francis Otto found himself strangely warmed at the consecration of Andrew Burnham

January 2001
30 Days

Synod Insider by Gerry O'Brien
Middle Management

The Way We Live Now
Bishops Behaving Badly



Forward in Faith Regional Deans 2001


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