Trushare Files  No. 69



February 2001


Comment, February 2001

The Countryside Countdown
by Andy Hawes

Godly and Quietly Governed
John Richardson on society and personal freedom


Empowering Priesthood
John Twistleton

Scott-Joplin picks the wrong tune
Nicholas Turner on Marriage Discipline

Letter from America:
Francis Gardom on the Homecoming of AMiA at Pawleys Island

Letter from Australia
Relevant... to Whom?

A Proposal by Primates Drexel W. Gomez and Maurice Sinclair...
... and a Reply from Lambeth

Idle Curiosity
On Fings being much the same as what they always used to be

Reasonable Expectations: A Moral Dilemma in parochial life

Selling the Faith
Philip Murphy on baptism, Essex Style

Forward in Faith Update

The Church of England: A Study in Tyranny: John Hervé thinks about something he saw on the box

The Last Chronicles of Salchester

Fires of Faith
Patrick Reardon
on the gospel according to John

February 2001
30 Days

Synod Insider by Gerry O'Brien
Vote Grabbing

The Way We Live Now
Vile Bodies


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