Trushare Files  No. 71



April 2001


Comment, April 2001

The Goddess Myth
Philip Davies traces the history of  a feminist fabrication

The Grammar of Dissent
Geoffrey Kirk

Goodness Me: a 3-part guide to Sanctity with Sanity by Christopher Idle

The Last Chronicles of Salchester

A Hidden Tradition?
Geoffrey Kirk unravels a feminist fantasy

Idle Curiosity: Of Great Smith and spotting the difference by Christopher Idle

by Patrick Reardon

Devotional: The Easter Triumph
by Arthur Middleton

Playing Out of Tune?

A Free Province
John Thurmer revisits a familiar topic

Rodney Schofield
Malawi Mailing

Kanuga Capers
George Austin on the recent meeting of Primates in North Carolina

The Way we live Now: Present Imperative Past Indicative

Synod Insider
Cash-flow Ecclesiology

Letter from America
Watching for the Time

For the sake of the Gospel
Letter from Australia

30 Days

FiF Update



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