Trushare Files  No. 72



May 2001


Comment, May 2001

Children of the Goddess
Philip Davies continues his investigation of goddess theology

Evangelicals and Marriage
John Richardson goes in search of the Evangelical mind

Goodness Me: a 3-part guide to Sanctity with Sanity by Christopher Idle 
Part Two: "So you want to go to Evensong?"

The Last Chronicles of Salchester

Idle Curiosity:
Famous in Fifteen Minutes

The Man Born Blind
by Patrick Reardon

Devotional: The Murder of Abel
by Andy Hawes

Mine is bigger than yours

Spectres at the Feast
John Hunwicke asks about the implications of One Bread, One Body

Andrew Burnham asks a leading liturgical question
Can Common Worship be in Common?

A Woman at the Altar
Andy Hawes reflects on the causes and consequences of the ordination of women to the priesthood

The Way we live Now: Anastaseos hemera

Synod Insider
Thinking Change

Letter from America
Accokeek and Rosemont

Good Friday on Thursday
Letter from Australia

30 Days

FiF Update

Treasures from the Ark
Anne Gardom reviews the current Exhibition of Armenian Christian artifacts at the British Library

Sacramental Disunity
Robbie Low reflects on the recent response to One Bread, One Body

Sanctity, Sex and Scrap Metal
Anne Gardom visits the Spencer exhibition at Tate Britain


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