Trushare Files  No. 73



June 2001


Comment, June 2001

Clearing the Decks
Geoffrey Kirk writes an open letter to 
Michael Nazir-Ali

The New Age of the Goddess
Philip Davies concludes his investigation of goddess theology

Idle Curiosity
Highways and Byways of hymns

Enoch among the Witnesses
Patrick Reardon considers an obscure witness to the hope of salvation

Evelyn Underhill and Life in a Respectable Suburb
John Turner takes heart from the letters of a great lay theologian

Devotional: Letter to a Frequent Communicant
by Jane Gore-Booth

Marx off Mark

A Host of Oversights the House of Bishops Response to One Bread One Body
John Richardson reviews a deficient document

Authentic Liturgy

Goodness Me: a 3-part guide to Sanctity with Sanity by Christopher Idle asks 
Part 3: "So you want to give some blood?"

The Last Chronicle of Salchester

Champagne Perry: Robbie Low looks at the Perry Report on the appointment of Bishops

Faith of our Fathers
Incarnation Resurrection Inspiration

30 Days

The Way we live Now: Facing Facts

Renewal Week at Ditchingham

Letter from America

Letter from Australia

John Pelling: Double Exposure
by Anne Gardom

Media Watch

FiF Update


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