Trushare Files  No. 74



July 2001


The hands of Mary Magdalene from Grunewald's Issenheim Altarpiece

Comment, July 2001

Second Time of Asking
Jonathan Redvers-Harris reports on the Cost of Conscience initiative on marriage

Alternative London
Gerry O'Brien interviews Michael Lawson on Scott-Joplin

Creation matters
Michael Harper on men, women, creation and the Holy Trinity

Idle Curiosity
Highways and Byways of hymns

Oh! Susannah
Patrick Reardon ponders a story which resonates in centuries of Christian art

Evangelicals, Flying Bishops and the Future
Nigel Atkinson

Devotional: Resurrection is Transforming Life
by Chris Collins

What language shall we borrow?
Geoffrey Kirk reflects on 'inclusive language' and
Liturgicam Authenticam

Enjoy your sunset years
Arthur Lewis describes a remarkable community of faith and fellowship

The Golden Fisherman
Andy Hawes walks La Voie Lactée

The Last Chronicle of Salchester

Colmar & Ghent


Mellow Yellow
Robbie Low examines the implications of the recent report on bishops' expenses

Faith of our Fathers
Priestly Formation

30 Days

The Way we live Now: A Tale of Two Cardinals

Synod Insider
Working with the Spirit

Letter from America
Edward Plowman describes a remarkable Sunday in Maryland

Letter from Australia
Doctor Jensen, I Presume

A Stone of Stumbling
Conrad Arnander looks at the legalities of the case of Carol Stone

Media Watch
The Context is the thing
George Austin reflects on Shakespearean and scriptural interpretation

FiF Update

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