Trushare Files  No. 75



August 2001


Jesus in the house of Mary and Martha by Vermeer

Comment, August 2001

Carry on Denver
John Richardson on the Episcopate and authority

Carey to Kolini and Yonge the letter

Archbishops in a twist
Arthur Middleton on Athanasius, Cyprian & George

Idle Curiosity
Highways and Byways of hymns

Delft Weaver of Light
Anne Gardom and Vermeer at the National Gallery

Managing the Church
Paul Richardson reflects on a Church which takes on the world's values

Devotional: A reading from the letters of St Boniface

Smart One, Vicar
Martin Browning takes a lesson from Kit Smart

Universal or Particular?

The English Parish Part One
Anthea Jones traces 1000 years of development

First Service
George Austin covers the verbal volleys at York

The Last Chronicle of Salchester

Go East, Young Man
Robbie Low performs a volte face

Faith of our Fathers
Old and New

Thirty Days

The Way we live Now: Light up the fire

Synod Insider
From Whip-ma-whoop-ma-gate to The Shambles

Letter from America
Feminist Patience topples off her monument!

Letter from Australia
1992 The Long Goodbye

Malawi Mailing
Rodney Schofield reflects on faith, AIDS and the future

Media Watch
George Austin: Present mirth   what, if anything, is funny

FiF Update


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