Trushare Files  No. 76



September 2001


The 14th Century roodscreen in the church of Saint Pierre le Jeune, Strasbourg

Comment, September 2001

30 Days

Book Reviews

After Brisbane: an open letter to Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali from Geoffrey Kirk

George Austin on Brian Brindley

Idle Curiosity
Highways and Byways of hymns

Serving the Church by Mark Burkill

Guests at a Wedding: Devotional Article

Forward in Faith Update

Faith of our Fathers

Caravanserai by GK

The English Parish Part Two
Anthea Jones traces 1000 years of development

John Hunwicke: Authentic Liturgy and Legality

The Last Chronicle of Salchester

Muriel Porter Pulls the Plug: 
Letter from Australia

Lost Property by GK

A Western Theology of Marriage
The Cost of Conscience Draft Declaration
with a commentary by Nick Turner

The Way we live Now:  

Robbie Low: Gone and never called me mother

Patrick Reardon
Bible study on Gideon

Crisis in Norway
by William Tighe

A Poll of the Elderly
Malcolm Tudor on The Church Perhaps

Meriting my Emeritus
by NT

FiF Update


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