Trushare Files  No. 78



November 2001


The Altar of the Sainte Chapelle, Paris

Comment, November 2001

Not Just for the Money
Jonathan Redvers Harris considers the report
Generosity and Sacrivice

A Question of Gender
Gerry O'Brien looks at some tell-tale statistics

A just war against terrorism?
Paul Richardson looks at the thory and practice of a "Just War"

Idle Curiosity

Bulldog Bishop
Andy Hawes pays tribute to Edwin Barnes

Texts for the Marriage Debate Part 3

Devotional: Christ the King

The Price of Folly

Selection for Ordination
Geoffrey Squire asks "is the process really fair?"

The fall-out from our hubris
Julian Wheeler chronicles a sad decline

Against such there is no law

Clergy First
The Church's future is in the hands of its clergy

Solomon in all his glory
Patrick Reardon finds in prosperity the seeds of decline

The Last Chronicle of Salchester

The Feeling's Mutable
Robbie Low makes and emotional journey

Faith of our Fathers
The Pastor's Need

30 Days

The Way we live Now: 
How low can a status Faull?

Synod Insider
Vote fo(u)r what?

Reform Conference 2001

An Open Letter to John Saxbee

Letter from Australia
What is their plan for us?

Book Reviews

Malawi Mailing
Rodney Schofield considers debt and reparation

Media Watch

FiF Update




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