Trushare Files  No. 82



March 2002


A wooden crucifix attributed to Michaelangelo 14751564 now in the sacristy of Santo Spiritu, Florence


Unfriendly Flexibility
Jonathan Redvers Harris on the Pastoral Measure

Hurd but not Seen
Geoffrey Kirk on a report which barely saw the light of day

Naught for our Comfort
Peter Mullen at a loss for words

Affirming the Catholic Faith
George Austin was uplifted by the Festival in the North

How to get the BNP elected
John Richardson on Racial Unfairness in the early Church

An Alien Culture
An Insight on the Drug Scene

Downsizing Dioceses
A great idea, says Nick Turner

Praying the Passion


Revelation and Imagination
Robin Hart on Inclusive Language

Grey Elegy
Andy Hawes on rural ministry now

Prophesying Doom
Patrick Reardon looks at a prophet on politics

Quadrilateral: A clerical detective story

Faith of our Fathers
The Peril of Backsliding John Keble

30 Days

In Praise of Eustace
The Way we Live Now

Synod Insider
The Ravens have flown

Anne Gardom visits a Birmingham museum which looks to the future

Letter from Australia
How Far Can Bishops Fly?

Book Reviews

Malawi Mailing
Rodney Schofield views a moral morass from an unsafe distance

Media Watch
Foul Deeds will Rise

FiF Update


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