Trushare Files  No. 84



May 2002


 A detail of an Annunciation by Donatello in Santa Croce in Florence, dated about the mid 1420s



All Together Now
Andrew Burnham concludes that you cannot vote against unity

United Witnesses?
Edwin Barnes looks at the current Methodist reunion proposals

The Wallace Collection
Anne Gardom on a hidden treasure in London

Project Canterbury
Anglican Divinity on the World Wide Web

Idle Curiosity
Your questions answered

RooT takes root
Fr Peter
CSWG on an initiative amongst Anglican religious

Praying the Resurrection

The God Particle
by NT

Unity and Authority
Arthur Middleton starts a series on the Seven Ecumenical Councils

Bye Bye, Queen Mum

The Best Kept Secret
Fr Peter Huckle
SSJE  looks to the future of St Edward's House, Westminster

Water, Demons, Pigs
Patrice Reardon explains a narrative consistency

A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes

Goodbye to All That
Robbie Low looks at the Financial Provisions Measure

Faith of our Fathers: 
Truth and Practical Piety

A Grief Observed
Hugh Baker on the Funeral

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Cock o' the Midden

Synod Insider
A Tale of Two Mothers

Letter from America
Nothing will alter that

Letter from Australia
Carnley goes it alone

Book Reviews
Theodicy, ethics and something for the Jubilee

Renewing Conviction
John Twistleton on integrity and evangelism

Media Watch
The History Man: George Austin comes not to bury but to praise

FiF Update

The New Directions Archive
available on CD-Rom



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