Trushare Files  No. 87



August 2002


Our Lady of Antwerp, Easter 2002



Dissed or Desecrated?
Nicholas Turner considers which title we should use

Absolutely Fabulous
by Geoffrey Kirk

Idle Curiosity
An Anglican Gap?

Much Ado
George Austin on the York Synod 2002

Geoffrey James Wright
An appreciation by Beaumont Brandie

Heaven in Ordinary by Chris Collins

Shoulder to shoulder
by NT

The Council of Ephesus
by Hugh Bates

Vincent Wept
by GK

Confused Metaphors
Andy Hawes' Open Letter to Bishop Saxbee

A tale of Two 'Service Providers
by GK

First Parents
Patrick Reardon on the First Family

A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes

The Mind of Anglicans Part II
Further conclusions from the Cost of Conscience Survey

Faith of our Fathers
A Scriptural Mind

Rooted and Grounded in Faith
by Brother Martin SSF

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Who's with the Woolwich?

Synod Insider
It's worth knowing who your friends are

Letter from America
Tarzan follows Jane

Letter from Australia
Relationship Reflections

Book Reviews

In Time of War
Derek Vogt reflects on a visit to the Holy Land

Media Watch
by George Austin

FiF Update


The New Directions Archive
available on CD-Rom



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