Trushare Files  No. 88



September 2002


Basilica of San Minato al Monte, Florence:
The Pantocrator in the main apse



Unfocused Inclusion
Raymond Chapman on the language of Common Worship

Hard Questions
Geoffrey Kirk wonders if the Rochester Commission can ever hope for agreement

Encountering Children
Michael Brundle

Shrinking a Church
John Richardson discovers we are already succeeding

The Music of the Spheres

Do You Have Free Will? by NT

The Council of Chalcedon 451
Dr Halliburton  outlines how it came to its famous decision

Transsexuals of the New Testament
by Rachel Gladrags

Friends and Problems
Rowan Williams and friends, as the press reported them

The Roots of Theology
by Patrick Henry Reardon

A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes

The Mind of Anglicans III
The third in our series of major articles from the Cost of Conscience Survey

Faith of our Fathers
Reformation Martyrs

Liturgical Notes
When is bread not bread?

Thirty Days

The Way We Live Now
E Pluribus Unum

Synod Insider
Getting below the surface

Letter from America
Establishment Chaos

Who were Nicolaitans?
Paul Lansley investigates the NT antecedents of the liberal establishment

Book Reviews

Compline with Cadfael
Christopher Idle sings the praises of the Whodunit

Media Watch
Who shall speak?: George Austin and Radio 4

FiF Update

The New Directions Archive
available on CD-Rom



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