Trushare Files  No. 90



November 2002


Jacoponi Cione: Adoring Saints c.1370



Forward in Friendship
Andy Hawes reviews then years of growth

To search in vain
by Chris Idle

A Brighter Dawn?
Andrew Norman sees signs of new life in the Sacred Synod

Where we are now
Jane Gore-Booth on the Anglican Methodist Covenant

Knock About
Geoffrey Kirk on some familiar arguments

Idle Curiosity
Marvels of the Silver Screen

Pope Philogynes
John Hunwicke wonders when Hell will freeze over

Ten Years On
Anne Turner on remaining a deacon

The simple act of eating

Tin Ears by GK

Dead Men Talking
Peter Groves on the Sixth Ecumenical Council

Picture Power
Anne Gardom writes about three current exhibitions

A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes

All the King's Women
Patrick Reardon on the domestic career of David

The Division Belles
Robbie Low recalls the Day of Decision 1992

Sorry, I don't do 'Nice'
by NT

Thirty Days

Faith of our Fathers
A rock in full sail heading for eternity

The Way We Live Now
Avon Ladies

Synod Insider
Evangelicals and Dr Williams

Into a Deeper Place
Letter from America

Book Reviews

Letter from Australia
Rowan Williams as World Leader of the Communion

Media Watch
Armageddon? George Austin on the Iraqi crisis

FiF Update

The New Directions Archive
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