Trushare Files  No. 92



January 2003




The mosaics of St Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna (executed between 493 and 526) were commissioned by the Arian Ostrogothic King Theodoric. On the south side of the nave twenty-six male martyrs set off in procession from Ravenna (represented by a Palatium in classical style) to greet Christ enthroned as Pantocrator. On the north wall twenty-two female martyrs leave Classe (the port of Ravenna) to join the magi in adoration of the Virgin and Child. Our illustration shows the magi (in Phrygian caps and trousers, to signify their foreign and exotic origins) presenting their gifts.




A Pertinent Proposition
by Geoffrey Kirk

The Illogical in Pursuit of the Inedible?
Hugh Baker

Endgame: The Act of Synod
Martin Hislop

Woodnotes Wild
Paul Griffin looks to the natural world

Devotional Andy Hawes
Without Delay

Inventive Anachronism by GK

The Flame of Prayerful Living
Anglican Devotion by Arthur Middleton

The Church-is-people by NT

Turner at Tate Britain
by Anne Gardom

First of the Ten
Patrick Reardon on the First Commandment

An Anatomy of Error I

Pastor Energeticus
John Turner remembers Hensley Henson

In a Naughty World
Christopher Idle on the virtues of visiting

Faith of our Fathers
Baptism is Restoration to Paradise

Ring any Bells?
Francis Gardom on reassuring the confused

Thirty Days

The Way We Live Now
Saints and Sinners

Synod Insider
Does Rowan have a plan?

Letter from America
No Meeting of Minds

Letter from Australia
The Changing Year

Book Reviews
Reason and logic and the value of philosophy

Fiddling while Canterbury burns
John Hunwicke on ARCIC methodology

Media Watch
Battle Stations by George Austin

FiF Update

Papal Anniversary Letters

New Directions Directory of Parishes

FiF Regional Deans


SIGN up to the
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