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Women Bishops and a Free Province . . .
. . . is the title of a Teaching Day, which Fr Geoffrey Kirk is prepared to come and run in your part of the country. As the time of reckoning draws ever nearer, it is essential that we communicate to all our people just what women bishops in the Church of England will mean, and why Forward in Faith is so determined to ensure that adequate provision is made for the third of our Church who will in conscience be unable to accept such a change.
Fr Kirk has set aside a number of days in his diary this year when he will be available to visit groups of Forward in Faith members and sympathisers in order to address just these issues. His programme has but few requirements: first, it needs not less than 40 and not more than 100 participants; second, it must be open to both clergy and laity; and, last, it should be planned to run for four hours, including breaks for lunch etc.
And so it is over to you! Discuss the matter in your parish, your diocese and your region, so as to open the event to the sort of numbers that are needed. Choose a suitable venue, with easy access by public transport and good parking for those who travel by car. Then, contact Fr Kirk direct on (020) 8318 1295 in order to arrange a date and then advertise the event as widely in your area as possible. Finally, contact the Director at Faith House with all the details, so that they can appear both on this page and on the Forward in Faith International Website at


New on the Website

Three notable additions to the Forward in Faith Website at have just come on line:

Australian Safe Churches

First, to add to the vast database of safe churches available to Forward in Faith members and sympathisers in England and the USA, we now have the first entries Down Under. Our friends at Forward in Faith Australia have added the first of their entries, so it now really is a worldwide directory. If your travels are taking you to Brisbane, Wangaratta or Perth, to Boston, Washington or Poughkeepsie, or even just to Birmingham, Winchester or Preston, then the Forward in Faith International Website will help you to find the nearest church in which you can worship with confidence.

Advertise your Mass times on

Second, we can now offer parishes in the Safe Church Directory the chance of advertising their mass times and similar information (in much the same way as we provide such information in the New Directions Directory). If your parish features in the Website Directory – wherever in the world it is – why not make life easier for your visitors and advertise this important data? Parishes which do not as yet have their own websites will find this a particularly attractive option. Details from Mike Silver, our Advertising Manager, on 01634 401611 or at

Advertise on the Web!

Third, we now have a "Classified Advertising" page on the Website. Numbers of our New Directions advertisers have already taken advantage of this innovation and their adverts (as seen on these pages) are now reaching a much wider readership. Again, details from Mike Silver, our Advertising Manager, on 01634 401611 or at



Available from Forward in Faith

An excellent series of leaflets are available, written by Fr John Hawthorne, who was until his retirement the Forward in Faith Regional Dean for The Marches and Vicar of Tetbury. Fr John has written them in response to the oft-repeated accusation that Forward in Faith is only against things; he covers just a handful of the things that Forward in Faith is very firmly for and a very good read they are. Every Forward in Faith Parish should have a supply for the tract table in church and every Forward in Faith member should have a supply, ready to whip out in order to confound our detractors!

The titles are:

Forward in Faith believes in…

● The Act of Synod and Flying Bishops

● Apostles

● Authority

● The Church

● Conscience, Tolerance and Equality

● A Free Province within the Church of England

● God and Jesus

● Mission

● Priesthood

● Saints

● Scripture, Tradition and Reason

● Unity and Order

● Women

● Worship and Sacraments

● You

Each of the fifteen leaflets is priced at just 10 pence and the complete set can be had for just £1.00. Orders for 20 or more sets attract a 25% discount (i.e. 20 sets for £15.00). Orders to Colin Niblett at Faith House.


Forms of words for making a bequest to Forward in Faith in your Will

I GIVE to FORWARD IN FAITH of Faith House 7 Tufton Street Westminster London SW1P 3QN the sum of pounds (£ ) and I DIRECT that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of Forward in Faith shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executor


I GIVE the residue of my estate to FORWARD IN FAITH of Faith House 7 Tufton Street Westminster London SW1P 3QN and I DIRECT that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of Forward in Faith shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executor


Discovering the Faith

Fr John Pitchford, author of An ABC for the PCC and Daily with God, and until his retirement Vicar of the Forward in Faith parish of Emmanuel, Wylde Green, in the Diocese of Birmingham, has published Discovering the Faith, a book aimed to meet the needs of, for example, someone searching for a faith in God, those exploring what God offers us through his Church, those looking for some follow-up after taking part in a Discussion Course, those preparing for Confirmation or the newly confirmed, or simply those wishing to think more about their faith. Part of Discovering the Faith was written as a series of articles for the Birmingham Post, and other parts were used in Confirmation Classes over the years. Forward in Faith Chairman Bishop John Broadhurst writes: "Fr John Pitchford has a long experience as a parish priest, and has compiled a systematic answer to many of the questions that lay members of the Church have brought to him over the years. This will provide a useful tool for anyone wishing to know more about their faith."

Fr George Austin, former Archdeacon of York, writes thus: ‘In an age when the fundamentals of the Christian Faith are increasingly attacked, not only by secular sources but also from within the Church, there is a need for a clear and concise account of the authenticity of those orthodox beliefs. John Pitchford’s book does just that, and will be an invaluable aid to new Christians, as well as to those looking carefully at their own long established beliefs.’

Discovering the Faith is available only from the Additional Curates Society, at Gordon Browning House, 8 Spitfire Road, Birmingham B24 9PB, telephone (0121) 382 5533, and is priced at £5.99 + p&p.


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