Trushare Files  No. 93



February 2003




Our cover illustration is a detail of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows by Adriaen Ysenbrandt (d.1551), now in the Vrouwkerk in Bruges. Little is known of the artist, a native of Bruges who lived and died there. He is said to have been a pupil of Gerard David. This painting, a masterpiece of the rather reticent understated Flemish style, came into prominence as a result of the Flemish Primitives exhibition of 1902




Why Marry?
by Alan Rabjohns

A Way Forward
Nicholas Turner examines the new Marriage Document

Macho Girls
David Mills on choice, entrapment and virginity

Idle Curiosity
O Happy Ones and Holy

John Richardson on Rowan Williams
Theology 'in the dark'

Devotional by Hugh Bates

GRAS and the Free Province
by GK

The Flame of Prayerful Living
Two Poets of the Anglican Way

Playing the Game
Gerry O'Brien takes another look at the future of CAC

King of Righteousness
Patrick Reardon on an enigmatic character

The 'F' Word
Robbie Low reflects on a flawed philosophy

An Anatomy of Error II

Faith of our Fathers
The Sacrament of Holy Scripture

The men on the moon by NT

Thirty Days

The Way We Live Now
Desert Island Bishops

Synod Insider
A new era dawns

Anthony Bell defends the current law on blasphemy
Moving the Goalposts

Letter from Australia
New Patterns of Oversight

Book Reviews
Bishops, curates and Anglican divines

Albrecht Durer: a Giant
Anne Gardom visits some old friends at the British Museum

FiF Update

New Directions Directory of Parishes

FiF Regional Deans


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