Trushare Files  No. 95



April 2003




Our cover illustration is a detail of Santa Teresa in Ecstasy by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the Cornaro Chapel of Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome. The Chapel was fitted out for Cardinal Frederigo Cornaro (Corner in Venetian dialect) between 1647 and 1652. In a stucco empyrean which breaks out of the architectural frame set to contain it, is white marble sculpture of consummate skill and delicacy. The sculptor's son Dominico claimed that in this work his father had outdone himself and conquered art itself




Archbishop Rowan
by Bishop Martyn Jarrett

Anglican Devotion: the Catechetical Books
Arthur Middleton

No Fragrant Harbour
Hong Kong has a lot to answer for says Geoffrey Kirk

Idle Curiosity
Hymns of Praise then let us sing

Open to Question?
John Richardson on Rowan Williams' Theology

To Live in Community

Reforming Structures by NT

New Horizons
Gerry O'Brien and Francis Gardom go exploring

The Kettle and the Saucepan
by GK

Death or Glory?
Digby Anderson on liberal leadership in permanent decline

Eyeless in Gaza
Patrick Reardon on the story of Samson

An Anatomy of Error IV
The Equality of Love

A New Province?
Andrew Burnham concludes that the time may have come

Faith of our Fathers
The Church is the Place of Resurrection

Unjust Yet "Expedient"
Jonathan Redvers Harris on the Clergy Discipline Measure

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Statistical Anxiety

Synod Insider
Young Disciples

Letter from America
War and Peace

Letter from Australia
Stay Focused

Book Reviews
The Church in Ethiopia and Revolutionary France

Stations of the Cross
Anne Gardom with two views of Calvary

Media Watch: Thrones and Dominions
George Austin on a fresh start

FiF Update

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