Trushare Files  No. 96



May 2003




Our cover illustration is The Tribute Money, Titian, National Gallery, London. Painted between 15451568. This later work of Titian was sent to his great patron, Philip II of Spain and hung in the sombre corridors of the Escorial in 1574. The subject is rare in art. The original of this painting had probably been a smaller version for Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, which hung in his famous cabinet of coins and medals. The coin in the hand of St Peter is identifiable as a gold coin of the Ferrarese. The Christ in this picture is held by some t be an idealized portrait of Titian himself as a younger man (c.f. The Man with a Quilted Sleeve) also in the National Gallery, London. Both pictures can be viewed in the current exhibition of paintings by Titian at the National Gallery. 




Swedes Adrift
by William J. Tighe

Idle Curiosity
Piccadilly Seraphics

Choose Life
Sunday 29th June 2003
1:00pm, London

Golden Wedding Days
Andy Hawes looks at nuptials past and present

Holy Scriptures

For the Next Series 
by G.K.

Anglican Devotion: 
Ways to Personal Holiness
by Raymond Chapman

Extremism Gone Wrong
by N.T.

Indian Summer
John Hunwicke's Epistle to a Friend in Barchester

Remember Me
by Patrick Reardon

An Anatomy of Error V
The Maleness of Jesus

A Golden Thread
Robbie Low visits the Jacquie Binns exhibition

No Fire Without Smoke
Robbie Low reports on an historic event

Faith of our Fathers by Fr Gregory
Man's Place in God's Story

As others see us
George Austin and the soaps

30 Days

The Way We Live Now:
The Dark is Light Enough

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien on Changing Trains

Letter from America:
A Sinful Jesus, by bishop FitzSimons Allison

Letter from Australia:
Changing Patterns
by David Chislett

Book Reviews 
beginning with the Bishop of Durham's new work

Andrew Starkie asks why the glory has departed

Media Watch:
Perspectives of war: George Austin on how clergy view conflict

FiF Update

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