Trushare Files  No. 97



June 2003




Our cover illustration shows the interior of the parish church of Lom in Western Norway. this stave church, built entirely of wood, dates mainly from the late thirteenth century, with log-built additions of 1634 and 1663 (the tower and spires).

Dedicated to Our Lady, St John Baptist and St Olav, excavations in the church during its restoration in 1933 uncovered remains of a shrine altar to St Thomas Beckett.

The roof decorations at Lom are the only dragonhead decorations surviving in Norway from the Middle Ages




The Hind Report
Nicholas Turner on efficient theological education

The Perils of Hindsight
The Bishop of Willesden

As Others See Us
George Austin on the CofE and the box

Idle Curiosity
Guess Which?

A Tale of Two Colleges
John Richardson on a far, far better thing in Sydney

Some thoughts from Abb Couturier

Girlie Vision by JPR

Anglican Devotion
Preparation for Holy Communion in the 18
th Century

Sheepdip Renewed! by Ronald Crane

Beyond the Bedside
Martin Browning reflects on a brief life and great love

The Better Part
Patrick Henry Reardon on Mary of Bethany

An Anatomy of Error VI
Morris Dancing

Talking Heads
Robbie Low on compulsory viewing

Faith of our Fathers
The Pastor's Need

Beyond our Wen
Anne Gardom describes some out-of-London Treasures

Thirty Days

The Way We Live Now
In the Octave

Synod Insider
Purple into Red

The Unseen Disturber
Hugh Baker reflects on his reluctance to vote

Letter from Australia
Filling Churches

Book Reviews including
David Banting on Peter Jenson

Fifty Years On
Anthony Kilmister on The Coronation

Media Watch
Sides of the same coin? George Austin on differing perspectives

FiF Update

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