Trushare Files  No. 98



July 2003




Our cover illustration shows a detail from a fifteenth-century doom painting in the church of St Peter, Wenhaston, Suffolk. The scene depicts St Peter receiving the high and mighty, stripped naked, at the gates of heaven. The frescoes were painted over due to prudish attitudes at the Reformation and uncovered again in the nineteenth century. They have been restored and relocated so that they can be viewed from ground level




May the Fathers Forgive Them
Geoffrey Kirk replies to Jim Wellington

Who do you think you are?
Robbie Low explores and identity crisis

In What Clothing?
John Richardson considers the rise of episcopalianism

Idle Curiosity
A Tale of Two Baptisms

In a Country Churchyard
The Pains and rewards of looking after the dead

Justice and Unity
Margaret Laird does not welcome women bishops

Renewal of the Mind

Ce ne vaut pas la peine?
by GK

Anglican Devotion
by Arthur Middleton

The dark days of February
by NT

A Pope's last Testimony?
John Hunwicke

Good Vibrations
Patrick Henry Reardon offers three maxims for the soul

An Anatomy of Error VII
Eucharist, Bishop, Church

Seeing and Believing
Anne Gardom on The Life of Christ at the National Gallery

Liturgical Experiments
Nicholas Turner on another perspective on Cranmer's second Holy Communion

Faith of our Fathers
Eucharistic disunity

Exams, standards, the Hind Report and the loss of grace
by AH

Dead Dioceses
It has happened before and it can happen again

But what does he mean?
A perplexed layman writes from the country

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Nature and Nurture

Synod Insider
An uninspiring report for consideration in July

Letter from America
Damocles' Sword Unsheathed by Quentin Morrow

Letter from Australia
(Re)growing the fringe by David Chislett

Book Reviews

The John Bishop Trust
Bursaries and Opportunities for Study

Media Watch by George Austin
Two ways of learning from history

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