Trushare Files  No. 99



August 2003




Our illustration is of the central octagon in Ely Cathedral. The sacrist, Alan de Walsingham, and his carpenter, probably William Hurley, were given the opportunity to construct this unique feature by the collapse of the central tower in 1322. The octagon takes the entire breadth of the nave, transepts, aisles and choir as its base, rising on four large and four small arches, Above it the wooden lantern is set with its angles against the faces of the stone walls. The effect, writes Nikolaus Pevsner, is a delight from beginning to end for anyone who feels for space as strongly as for construction.




The Gospel of Hope
Bishop Paul Richardson on the good news of the Church

Wrong Rites
Bishop Edwin Barnes on The strange world of modern anglican blessings

Truth & Tolerance
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet's Pastoral Letter for June 2003

Idle Curiosity
What Butler never saw

Diocesan Power Play 
by NT

Beyond Belief
Robbie Low suggest we have been looking in the wrong direction

War & Peace: Aphraphat and Ephraim

A Note to Nazir-Ali
by GK

Anglican Devotion: The Sermon
by Arthur Middleton

Summer Science: Simple theology in the garden
Anthony Saville

Questions and Answers by DF

Children in church: The cruelty of a lack of discipline
by Hugh Baker

A Good Threshing
Patrick Henry Reardon on a powerful but unpopular image

An Anatomy of Error VIII

Lost Innocence
Anne Gardom goes to Paradise

The Secularist Heresy
If our faith is true, why do so few people believe it?, asks Francis Gardom

Faith of our Fathers
The sign on earth of your inifinite holiness

Reforming the Church
A report from the most recent Reform one-day conference

Untimely Thoughts
"How old is that?"

An Encyclical Letter
From the Bishop of New Wiltshire

The Passing of a Pioneer
The Way We Live Now

Synod Insider
Summer time in the north

Letter from America
'Tis the time's plague when madmen lead the blind

Letter from Australia
What do growing churches look like?

Book Reviews
Summer reading, some more liturgy and a teaching booklet

Letter from Malawi
How different it all looks five thousand miles away

Media Watch
George Austin on a recent production of Taming of the Shrew

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