An Hors d'oeuvre of Homilies

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1 The Faith Zone 22/08/1999 St Alban's Cheam Multi-Faith & Values Any
2 Remembrance Sunday: Psalm 46 11/11/2001 All Saints Wimbledon Psalm 46 Remembrance
3 "All You Need is Love" 26/09/1999 St Andrew Catford & All Saints Wimbledon The Che Guevara Poster Any
4 And The Life Everlasting 23/12/2001 All Saints Wimbledon 4 Last Things Advent
5 The Ascension: no other explanation 24/05/1998 All Saints Benhilton The Ascension Ascensiontide
6 Feeding The Five Thousand 30/07/2000 All Saints Benhilton Feeding the 5000 Any
7 The Man in the Pew I: How do we know what God is like?  [Version 2] 19/08/2001 All Saints Benhilton How can we know God Part One Any
8 The Man in the Pew IV: Why So Few?  [Version 2] 26/08/2001 All Saints Benhilton How can we know God Part Two Any
9 Learning and Leading 01/08/1999 All Saints Benhilton Education Year A Week 18
10 The Sacrament of Baptism 18/07/1999 Old Naval Chapel Baptism Baptism
11 Leighton Bromswold: The Revival of The Fittest 31/12/2000 St Andrews Croydon Revival Any
12 Christ Our Future I 28/05/2000 St Andrew Croydon Christ Our Future  
13 Christ Our Future II 20/05/2000 All Saints Benhilton Christ our Future  
14 Christ the King 25/11/2001 St Barnabas Downham Christ the King Last Sunday of year
15 "Joy to The World" 25/12/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas  
16 Christmas and "A Nation of Atheists" 25/12/2000 St Stephen Lewisham Nation of Atheists? Christmas
17 The Anglican Atheist 20/03/2002 Christ Church Broad Town "A Christian Atheist"! Funeral
18 The Command to Love 03/08/1997 St Philip Norbury All Saints Sydenham Any
19 The Sacrament of Confession 11/03/2001 St Stephen Lewisham Confession Lent
20 Corpus Christi 17/06/2001 All Saints Benhilton Corpus Christi    
21 The Paradox of The Church 12/03/2000 St Andrew Croydon Lent Year B Lent 1
22 Disposer Supreme 05/03/2000 St Andrew Croydon Year B Week 9  
23 Dives & Lazarus 26/09/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Dives & Lazarus Any
24 Servants Slaves & Sons 07/10/2001 St Barnabas Downham Hogarth's Servants Any
25 The Resurrection: Learning Difficulties 22/04/2000 St Stephen Lewisham Easter  
26 It's Pretty but is it Art? 31/03/2002 St Stephen Lewisham Is it Art? Easter
28 Easter Vigil 14/04/2001 St Stephen Lewisham Easter Vigil Easter
29 The Transfiguration and The Solar Eclipse 08/08/1999 All Saints Sydenham The Eclipse Transfiguration
30 Elijah's Depression 13/08/2000 St Stephen Lewisham Depression Year B Week 19
31 "… and he was a Samaritan" 24/09/2000 All Saints Des Moines The 10 Lepers Any
33 Harry Wilcox Funeral 07/02/2001 Eltham Crematorium Funeral Funeral
35 Lambert Brown Funeral 25/06/1999 St Stephen Lewisham "All as God wills" Funeral
36 The Lisbon Earthquake 16/03/1997 St Agnes Kennington The Lisbon Earthquake Passiontide
37 Mary Ferguson Funeral 09/04/1997 Compton Church Funeral Funeral
38 Mary Kirk Funeral 09/09/1999 St Wilfred Harrogate Funeral Funeral
39 Jeremiah, alias Mister Disaster 23/06/1996 St Stephen Lewisham Arndale Bombing Jeremiah
40 Three Servants: Judas Mary & Jesus 10/04/2001 St Stephen Lewisham Three servants Holy week
41 Natural Justice 16/08/1998 All Saints Blackheath Natural Justice Any
44 Power without Control 03/04/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Power & Control Easter
45 Profits and Prophets Parts 1 & 2 29/08/1999 All Saints Benhilton Learning from the Prophets Any
46 Growing Old & Growing Up 08/06/2003 All Saints Wimbledon Growing in The Spirit Pentecost
48 The Noble Army of Martyrs 10/02/2001 St Agatha Landport Noble army of martyrs Martyrdom
49 Signs of Glory 24/01/1999 Old Naval College Chapel Manifestation Epiphany
50 Sower & Seed 11/07/1999 St Stephen Lewisham The Sower Year A 15
51 The Ten Lepers 14/10/2001 St Andrew Catford Leprosy: an incurable disease? Your faith has saved you
54 Sins of the Saints I 10/03/2002 St Andrew Croydon Sins of the Saints Part 2 of 2 Lent
55 Sins of the Saints II 24/02/2002 St Andrew Croydon Sins of the Saints Part 1 of 2 Lent
56 Ministry of Reconciliation 25/02/2001 St Andrew Croydon Confession Lent
57 Advent I: Death 02/12/2001 St Andrew Croydon Death Advent
58 The World Trade Centre 11th September 23/11/2001 St Andrew Croydon World Trade Centre Bomb Any
59 Speaking boldly 08/05/2000 St Andrew Croydon Bearing Witness Baptism
60 Maker of all things, seen and unseen 30/09/2001 St Michael Maidstone Angels Michaelmas
61 Belief Behaviour and Knowing God: Three questions 09/06/2001 St Saviour Raynes Park Man in the Pew Any
62 The Unjust Judge 21/10/2001 St Stephen Lewisham Petition Year C Week 29
63 Paul's Problems at Corinth 27/01/2002 St Stephen Lewisham Paul, Cephas & Apollos Unhappy divisions
64 Baptism of our Lord 13/01/2002 St Stephen Lewisham Baptism & Confirmation Baptism
65 "I see the heavens opened!" 25/12/2001 St Stephen Lewisham Poem "BAD" Christmas
66 Man in the Pew (Composite) 08/07/2011 St Stephen Lewisham    
67 Man in the Pew No 1: Does it matter what I believe? [Version 1] 08/07/2001 St Stephen Lewisham 1/4 Does Belief Matter? Any
68 Man in the Pew No. 2: Does it matter how I behave? [Version 1] 15/07/2001 St Stephen Lewisham 2/4 Does Behaviour Matter? Any
69 Man in the Pew No. 3: What is God like anyway? [Version 1] 22/07/2001 St Stephen Lewisham 3/4 What is God Like? Any
70 Man in the Pew No. 4: Why so few believers? [Version 1] 29/07/2001 St Stephen Lewisham 4/4 Why so few believe Any
71 Revelation 05/08/2001 All Saints Sydenham Revelation Transfiguration
73 Catholic AND Protestant 12/03/2000 St Andrew Croydon & All Saints Sydenham The Catholic/Protestant Paradox Any
75 The Trinity 30/05/1999 All Saints Benhilton Language about God: analogy Any
76 The Lost Parrot 06/05/2001 All Saints Benhilton Good Shepherd & Lost Parrot Easter 4 [Good Shepherd]
78 Temptation 21/02/1999 Old Naval College Chapel Difference between Temptation & Sin Lent
79 Women's Ordination 09/08/1998 St Anthony Nunhead The case against Women as Priests Any
81 The Trinity: Jews Muslims & Christians 07/06/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Jews Muslims Christians and the Trinity Trinity Sunday
84 The Two Antiochs 13/05/2001 St Stephen Lewisham Two very different churches Any
85 We Saw the Sea 25/06/2000 St Andrew Catford What did they see? Any
86 Anglican Atheist 21/04/2002 Christ Church Ladysmith Weight of Glory Any
87 Church: Organism or Organisation? 28/04/2002 St John Victoria BC Grocery Chain or Living Body? Easter IV
88 The Ascension 12/05/2002 St Andrew Croydon Why did it happen? Ascensiontide
89 John Writes Home 09/11/1999 St Francis Hemingford Grey Letters from St John to his parents Retreat
90 The Building of the Church 25/05/2002 St Andrew Catford Church: Building or People? Feast of Dedication
91 Anger: Dies Irae 11/11/2011 St Stephen Lewisham Anger Any
92 Chaucer's Parson 03/07/1991 St Mary Witney The Priesthood Ordination
93 Auschwitz 23/10/1994 St Stephen Lewisham Standing Firm Any
94 Free Swedish Synod Address 18/09/1992 Trondheim Representing Forward in Faith Any
95 "I don't know" 13/04/1997 St Stephen Lewisham Making Excuses Year B Easter 3
96 Discipleship 20/10/1991 St Stephen Lewisham "Easy to please, hard to satisfy" year B/29th Sunday/
97 Fulfilment 25/12/1995 What do you want out of life? Christmas Hebrews 1: 1-16 John 1: 1-16
98 Bribery & Blackmail 11/11/2011 St Stephen Lewisham Popular confusions Any
99 Mission & Commission 15/05/1993 Bibleway Tabernacle, Lewisham Commissioning Service Any
100 King Claudius and Divine Judgement 27/10/1996 St Michael, Woolwich Judgement Christ the King/Advent
101 7 Sacraments Confession 16/02/1997 St Agnes Kennington Penance Lent
102 7 Sacraments Holy Communion 02/03/1997 St Agnes Kennington The Eucharist Lent
103 7 Sacraments Unction 23/02/1997 St Agnes Kennington Anointing Lent
104 7 Sacraments Baptism 1 12/01/1997 St Agnes Kennington Holy Baptism 1 Lent
105 7 Sacraments Baptism 2 19/01/1997 St Agnes Kennington Holy Baptism 2 Lent
106 A Man With Convictions 21/06/1997 St Agnes Kennington Convictions Last Sunday of Interregnum
107 Candlemass: "It was just a coincidence" 02/02/1997 St Agnes Kennington Candlemass Any
108 Mothering Sunday 09/03/1997 St Agnes Kennington National Apostasy Any
109 Candidates 23/03/1997 St Agnes Kennington Candidature Any
110 The Man Born Blind 26/10/1997 St Agnes Kennington Blindness Any
111 Religious Experiences 25/05/1997 St Agnes Kennington The Trinity Any
112 Suffering: The Lisbon Earthquake 16/03/1997 St Agnes Kennington Suffering Passion Sunday
113 Does Evil Matter? 18/11/1994 St Stephen Lewisham Does Evil Matter? Any
114 Enlightenment 24/01/1993 St Stephen Lewisham Why the Enlightenment was wrong Any
115 Ere Priestcraft did begin 16/06/1991 St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe Modern heresy Any
116 Ezekiel and the divine mechanic 29/05/1994 St Stephen Lewisham Prophetic Witness Any
117 Failures of God 11/04/1995 St Stephen Lewisham The Suffering Servant Holy Week
118 The Feel-good Factor 25/12/1994 St Stephen Lewisham Feelings & Faith Christmas
119 Fortune 24/04/1994 St Stephen Lewisham Pagan Rome and Fate Any
120 Four Failures 03/04/1996 St Stephen Lewisham Judas, Peter, The Servant & Jesus Holy Week
121 False Witnesses 23/06/2002 All Saints Benhilton Jehovah's Witnesses Any
122 Joseph Smith: The Man with the Vision 14/07/2002 St Andrew's Croydon Mormons Any
123 a different light 04/08/2002 St Stephen Lewisham Lighting Transfiguration
124 Grievous Wolves 25/08/1996 St Michael Woolwich False Prophets Any
126 Fruits of the Spirit 3: Peace 16/05/1993 St Stephen Lewisham Pentecost Any
127 At a Baptism 20/10/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Baptism  
128 Imagine my embarrassment.. N/K .Latimer House Oxford    
129 ...and the life of the world to come I 30/08/1992 St Augustine Grove Park Life Everlasting Any
130 ...and the life of the world to come II 06/09/1992 St Augustine Grove Park Life Everlasting Any
131 ...and the life of the world to come III 13/09/1992 St Augustine Grove Park Life Everlasting Any
132 Meet Mabel 11/11/2011 St Stephen Lewisham Blame –a rich potion  
134 Map Reading 25/07/1997 St Agnes Kennington Finding one's Way Trinity
136 Mary Magdalene 22/07/1994 St Clement's King Square Mary Magdalene  
137 Angels: Spirits to help the Heirs of Salvation 02/10/1995 St Michael Torrington Michaelmas Patronal Festival
139 The Moral Climate 09/07/1995 St Hilda Crofton Park Exodus 20: 1-17 Ephesians 5: 1-10 Matt. 19: 16-26
140 Moral Theology 23/07/1995 St Stephen Lewisham Genesis 18: 1-10 Col: 1: 24-28 Luke 10: 38-42
141 Moses on the Mountains 01/06/1970 St Gabriel's Westgate Retreat for Laypeople  
142 Off Centre I 06/02/1994 St John's Catford Year B 5th Sunday Missing the Target
143 Off Centre II 27/02/1994 St John's Catford 2nd in Lent Missing the Target
144 On being patient 11/08/2002 St Stephen Lewisham Patience  
145 Opening the Doors 04/10/1994 St Francis Mackworth Patronal Festival  
146 The Passing of Richard Roe 11/11/1965 St Alfege Greenwich A Talk to Start you Talking  
147 Reconciliation 11/08/1991 St Swithun Hither Green 2 Corinthians  
148 Saints with L-Plates 04/11/1991 St Stephen Lewisham 30th of year Called to be saints
149 Wisdom vs Knowledge 11/11/2011 St Stephen Lewisham Lent 3 Year C  
150 Letter to the Church at Grek Parvo 14/07/1991 St Augustine Grove Park From St John on Patmos Last Sunday of Interregnum
151 The Perfect Copy of God's Nature 25/12/1996 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day   Christmas
152 The Light and the Glory 02/02/1995 St Barnabas Dudley Worcester FiF Candlemass
153 The Triduum & Easter [composite] 16/04/1992 St Mary & St Chad Longton The Triduum Maundy Thursday
154 St Dunstan 19/05/1997 St Nicholas Plumstead St Dunstan St Dunstan
155 Christian Marriage 11/02/1968 St Alfege Greenwich Christian Marriage Septuagesima
157 On the Incarnation 12/12/1992 St Lawrence Catford Prayer Group The Incarnation  
158 One Damn thing After Another 13/12/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Advent III  
159 St Peter & St Paul 29/06/1997 St Stephen Lewisham St Peter & St Paul  
160 The Hole in the Ground 24/12/1995 St Stephen Lewisham Advent IV  
161 Take up/put down Cross 11/11/2011 St Stephen Lewisham   Lent & Holy Week
162 Taming of the Few 10/10/1992 Christ the King Gordon Square Anglican Society Continuing and other Churches
163 The Keeper of the Springs 15/08/1992 St Hilary Penzance Truro Forward in Faith  
164 The Command to Love 03/08/1994 St Philip Norbury Pentecost 11  
165 Zaccheus was a Nasty Little Man 05/11/1995 St Stephen Lewisham    
166 In the Minority 18/08/2002 All Saints Wimbledon How to survive as a minority  
167 Living Witnesses 19/04/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Easter 2  
168 God's Thoughts are not our Thoughts 19/09/1999 St Stephen Lewisham    
169 The Protector of all that trust 30/09/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Year C Week 17  
171 Church or Chain-store? 01/05/2002 Victoria Vancouver Island Easter IV  
172 Catholic or Protestant 12/03/2001 St Andrew Croydon Lent 1  
173 Charles Williams & The Wedding Garment 01/09/2002 All Saints Benhilton Any The Requirement for Fancy Dress when meeting God
174 It's not FAIR! 22/09/2002 St Barnabas Downham 25th Sunday Year A The Labourers in the Vineyard
175 A Mind for All Seasons 29/09/2002 St Stephen Lewisham 26th Sunday Year A The Mind of Christ
177 Galenus 23/01/2000 St Andrew Catford Epiphany 3 The Four Humours
178 Wise Men Worship God 09/01/2000 St Stephen Lewisham Epiphany They fell down and worshipped him
179 A Just Balance 22/10/2002 St Mary's Lewisham Funeral  
180 All or Nothing 03/11/2002 St Stephen Lewisham Any Dysfunctional Families
181 In Remembrance 10/11/2002 St Barnabas Downham Remembrance Sunday Memories are made of this
182 Talent Spotting 17/11/2002 St Andrew Croydon Year A Week 33 Parable of talents
183 Justice & Judgement 01/12/2002 St Stephen Lewisham & St Andrew Croydon Advent 1 Year B Our idea of Justice vs God's Judgement
184 "... never been born!" 29/12/2002 St Stephen Lewisham & All Saints Wimbledon Christmas/Holy Family "I wish the Baby Jesus had never been born!"
185 No Through Road 23/02/2003 All Saints Wimbledon Any Terminus or Terminal?
186 Signs of the Times I: Width/Height Restriction Ahead 09/03/2003 St Andrew Croydon Lent Self-discipline
187 Signs of the Times II: No through Road 16/03/2003 St Andrew Croydon Lent Heading Nowhere
188 Signs of the Times III: No Entry 23/03/2003 St Andrew Croydon Lent Ten Commandments
189 Passion Play 06/04/2003 All Saints Wimbledon Passion Sunday Meanings of Passion
190 This Joyful Eastertide 19/04/2003 St Stephen Lewisham First Mass of Easter "Our faith had been in vain"
191 Easter Evidence Part One 11/05/2003 St Stephen Lewisham Eastertide Non-Christian Evidence for the Resurrection?
192 Easter Evidence Part Two 18/05/2003 St Stephen Lewisham Eastertide Christian Evidence for the Resurrection
193 Bible Sunday 06/12/1998 Abertillery Cwm Tillery & 6 Bells Advent 2 Studying The Scriptures
194 The General Thanksgiving: a mini-mass 11/10/1998 Saint Stephen Lewisham Week 28 Year 3 Reynold's General Thanksgiving
195 The Woman and The Water 07/02/1999 Saint Stephen Lewisham Lent 3 Taking water for granted
196 The Ascension 13/05/1999 Old RNC Chapel Ascension Day The Ascension
197 Key Words 21/11/1998 Street Paul's Charlestown FiF Truro Diocese FiF AGM
198 Hark! The Herald Angel Sing 25/12/1998 Saint Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day Carols and Hymns
199 The Two Cenotaphs 08/11/1998 Saint Stephen Lewisham Remembrance Sunday Whitehall and Calvary
201 The Perfect Likeness 22/06/2003 All Saints Wimbledon Corpus Christi Christ's Self-portrait
202 Strangers & Pilgrims 18/04/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Year A Easter 3 Sermons on  I Peter No. 1
203 Conformed or Transformed 25/04/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Year A Easter 4 Sermons on I Peter: No. 2
204 A Clean Break? 09/05/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Year A Easter 6 Sermons on I Peter No. 3
205 Peter & Paul (not forgetting Mark) 29/06/2003 St Stephen Lewisham St Peter & St Paul Two Strong Characters
206 There is a young boy here... 27/07/2003 St Stephen Lewisham Year B Week 17 There are no ordinary people
207 Feelings: The Young Lady of Ealing 10/08/2003 All Saints Sydenham The Transfiguration Religious Feelings
208 Wisdom and Folly 17/08/2003 St Andrew Croydon Year B Week 20 A Wholesome Diet of Wisdom
209 A Serious Call 23/08/2003 St Alfege Greenwich Holy Matrimony IOU – A motto for marriage
210 Feelings I: Trumps and Bumps 21/09/2003 St Andrew Croydon Year B Week 25 Spiritual Ups and Downs
211 Feelings II: That UNcertain Feeling 05/10/2003 St Andrew Croydon Year B Week 27 Christian Marriage and its Alternatives
212 Feelings III: James & John 19/10/2003 St Andrew Croydon Year B Week 29 Passion & Charity
213 Melchizedek: A Bible Detective Story 26/10/2003 All Saints Sydenham Year B Week 30 Who was Melchizedek?
214 Bible Sunday 07/12/2003 St Andrew Croydon Advent II Bible Sunday
215 The God who Hides Himself (Version. 1) 25/12/2003 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day Revelation
216 The God who Hides Himself (Version. 2) 11/01/2004 Holy Trinity Lamorbey Epiphany I Manifestation
217 Miracles Manifested 18/01/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Epiphany II The Wedding at Cana
218 Scandal at Nazareth 01/02/2004 St Andrew Croydon Year C 3rd Sunday  The Sermon at Nazareth: Humiliation
219 The Preaching of the Cross I 15/09/1991 St Barnabas Downham Year B Holy Cross Day Way of Cross I
220 The Preaching of the Cross II 22/09/1991 St Barnabas Downham Year B Week 25 Way of Cross II
221 The Preaching of the Cross III 29/09/1991 St Barnabas Downham Year B Week 26 Way of Cross III
222 Feeding the 5000 28/07/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Year B Week 17 Feeding the 5000
223 The Gift of Wisdom 18/08/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Year B Week 20 Confirmation & Wisdom
224 God of Surprises I Candlemass  02/02/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Candlemass God of Surprises I
225 God of Surprises II  09/02/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Year C Week 5 God of Surprises II
226 Smasher Dowsing & Iconoclasm 26/01/0992 St Albright Stanway Any Smasher Dowsing
227 The Trinity  26/05/1991 St Margaret Lee Trinity Sunday The Trinity
228 B33 Troubled Times 17/11/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Year B Week 33 Time of Tribulation
229 Christmas Day  25/12/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day The Word
230 C2 St John's Signs 19/01/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Signs in St John Year C Week 2
231 Martyrs for Christ 29/12/1991 St Thomas Lapford Intervention St Thomas of Canterbury
232 Apostasy 11/11/2011 St Barnabas Downham Apostasy Week B21
233 Nature & Supernature I 27/08/2000 All Saints Benhilton Miracles Any
234 Nature & Supernature II 03/09/2000 All Saints Benhilton Miracles Any
235 Transfiguration and Lighting  06/08/2000 All Saints Sydenham Transfiguration Transfiguration
237 Mister Disaster  23/06/1996 St Stephen Lewisham Jeremiah Year A Week 12
238 The Bump 03/02/2002 St Andrew Croydon Coming down with a Bump Week A4
239 Easter Eggs 22/04/2001 St Andrew Croydon Giving Thanks Easter Day C 2
240 Justice or Judgement 08/12/2002 St Andrew Croydon Last Judgement Advent 2B
241 Ash Wednesday: Burning 21/02/1996 St Clement Leigh-on-Sea Flint Fuel & Wick Christians Lent
242 Wise Men Ask Questions 03/01/1993 St Stephen Lewisham Wise Men & Wisdom Epiphany

A Bloody Priest

18/04/1993 St Stephen Lewisham The Good Friday Disaster Eastertide
244 Checking our Foundations 22/02/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Self-examination & Confession Lent
245 The Problem of Size 16/06/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Does Big mean Important? Any
246 God moves in a mysterious way 23/06/1991 St Augustine Grove Park William Cowper's Depression Any
247 Undying Zeal for Perfection 26/07/1992 St Stephen Lewisham What is Perfection? Any
248 Comfortablism 07/07/1992 St Augustine Grove Park Is Comfort the Supreme Virtue? Any
249 The Outward Journey 12/07/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Up to Heaven and Down with a Bump Year C Week 15
250 The People of God I: The Old Testament 09/08/1992 St Augustine Grove Park God's Plan in the OT Year C Week 19
251 The People of God II: Our Lady 16/08/1992 St Augustine Grove Park God's Plan for Mary Assumption
252 The People of God III: The New Testament and Ourselves 23/08/1992 St Augustine Grove Park God's Plan in the NT and for us Year C Week 21
253 Checking our foundations 22/02/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Year C 7th Sunday Preparing for Lent
254 Being Tempted and Feeling Guilty 14/03/2004 Holy Trinity Lamorbey Year C Lent 3 Lent
255 The Power of the Spoken Word 01/03/1992 St Augustine Grove Park   Lent
256 A Case against Women Priests 22/03/1992 St Mary's South Benfleet  Year C Lent 3 God's Way and ours
257  Recreation 17/05/1992 St Stephen Lewisham  5th of Easter The New Creation
258  Reconciliation 29/03/1992 St Augustine's Grove Park  Mothering Sunday Being Reconciled
259 The True Pentecostalists 24/05/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Sixth of Easter Walking in the Spirit
260 A Chapter of Failures 14/04/1992 Saint Stephen Lewisham Tuesday in Holy week  Servant Song II
261 St Peter & St Paul 28/06/1992 St Stephen Lewisham St Peter & St Paul Apostleship
262 The Church Register 26/04/1992 St Stephen Lewisham Second of Easter The Growing Church
263 Triduum I – S-day 16/04/1992 St Mary and St Chad Longton  Triduum I Maundy Thursday Holy Week
264  Triduum II  – A-day 17/04/1992 St Mary and St Chad Longton  Triduum II Good Friday  Holy Week
265  Triduum III – R-day 18/04/1992 St Mary and St Chad Longton  Triduum III – Holy Saturday Holy Week
266 Easter Day – X-day 19/04/1992 St Mary and St Chad Longton  Easter Day Easter
267 All Clear! 28/03/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Passiontide Based on "And can it be?"
268 King – or Pretender? 23/11/1997 St Peter Bexhill Christ the King The Four Pretenders
269 Holy Cross Day 14/09/1997 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day  
270  We beheld his glory 25/12/1997 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day  
271 Four Coincidences: St Francis of Assisi 05/10/1997 St Stephen Lewisham St Francis The Ruined Basilica
272 One Prayer, Two Languages 26/07/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Week C17 The Protector of all that trust in Thee
273 My first Vicar – Training 19/09/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Week C16 Good Training
274 Nothing Succeeds like Success?  05/04/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Palm Sunday Was Jesus Successful?
275 Disappointment 07/04/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Tuesday in Holy Week Three Failures
276 "Most sure in all His ways" 08/04/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Maundy Thursday Holy Week
277 The Body and the Seven Witnesses 10/04/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Easter Vigil Resurrection of the Body
278 "Sick to Death" 08/02/1997 St Stephen Lewisham Accidie or Spiritual 'flu Year B5
279 Five Came Back 25/03/1997 St Stephen Lewisham Return to Jesus Tuesday in Holy Week
280 Seven Sacraments 3: Confirmation 26/01/1997 St Agnes Kennington Confirmation Any
281 I Don't Know! 13/04/1997 St Stephen Lewisham "I don't know why I did it!" Easter 3B
282 Haggai the Builder-up 16/03/1997 St Stephen Lambeth The Faithful Remnant and the Prophet Any
284 King's Mead War Memorial 22/05/2004 On the site of former Kings Mead School Seaford, Sussex Remembrance and Forgetting Remembrance Sunday
285 Consuming Fire 06/06/2004 St Andrew Croydon Idea, Energy, Power as a paradigm of the Trinity Trinity Sunday
286 A Living Eucharist 13/06/2004 St Andrew Croydon Corpus Christi by Evelyn Underhill Corpus Christi
287 What Jolly Fun! 20/06/2004 Holy Trinity Lamorbey "I wish I loved the human race" – Walter Raleigh Year C Week 13
288 The Second Epistle of Peter 27/06/2004 All Saints Benhilton False Prophets and Standing Firm Petertide
289 It's Obvious, isn't it? [Junior Version. See No. 292] 11/07/2004 Holy Trinity Lamorbey On not taking things for granted Parade Service
290 Faithful Soldiers & Servants Part One 04/07/2004 All Saints Sydenham Lessons from WW1 for the Christian Life Any
291 Faithful Soldiers & Servants Part Two 18/07/2004 All Saints Sydenham More Lessons from WW1 for Christian Life Any
292 It's Obvious, isn't it? [Adult Version See No. 289]  25/07/2004 Ascension Lavender Hill  'Natural Justice' and 'The Right to Happiness' Any
293 Through Her Virgin Eyes 15/08/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Bishop Ken's Hymn Assumption
294 Two Certainties & Two Others 29/09/2004 Holy Trinity Lamorbey Death & Uncertainty Advent or any
295 A Crucial Analysis 09/09/2004 All Saints Benhilton Some SIGNificances of the Cross Holy Cross or any
296 Two Faithful Witnesses: Stephen & George 03/10/2004 St George Hanworth The Meaning of Martyr Dedication Festival
297 The Little Torch 25/12/2004 St Stephen Lewisham Light and Darkness 
St John 1: 1–14
Christmas Day
298 God's Work in Creation 30/01/2005 St Stephen Lewisham Creation Septuagesima
299 Oil of Gladness 27/02/2005 St Stephen Lewisham Sacrament of Anointing Lent Course
300 Behold I stand at the door and knock 24/03/2005 St Stephen Lewisham Supper at Laodicea Maundy Thursday
301 Love's redeeming work is done 27/03/2005 St Stephen Lewisham Wesley's Easter Hymn Easter Vigil
302 Persevering in the Faith 04/07/1996 St Stephen Lewisham Isaiah 55:10-11; Romans 8: 18-23; Matt 13: 1-23 Year A Week 15
303 All in the Imagination? 14/04/1996 St Stephen Lewisham The importance of using Imagination Second Sunday of Easter 
304 Cross Purposes 05/05/1996 St Stephen Lewisham Misunderstanding the Christian faith Eastertide
305 Reason for the hope that is in you


St Mark Downham The importance of Hope Sixth Sunday of Easter
306 ... to go on Pilgrimage 12/06/2005 All Saints Benhilton The Glastonbury Pilgrimage April/May
307 The Nature of the Church 1: One, Holy..... 07/08/2005 St Andrew's Croydon A piece of string Any season
308 The Nature of the Church 2: Catholic and Apostolic 14/08/2005 St Andrew's Croydon What 'Catholic and Apostolic' means Any season
309 Pastors New 04/09/2005 St Stephen Lewisham The need for Oversight Street Pastors
310 The Eye of God 11/09/2005 All Saints Benhilton Pastors and Oversight Street Pastors
311 The Eye of God 09/10/2005 All Saints Sydenham Pastors and Oversight Street Pastors
312 They Chose Stephen 26/12/2005 St Stephen Lewisham Stephen's Calling & Martyrdom St Stephen's Day
313 Stand or Fall? 15/01/2006 St Stephen Lewisham Making a stand for the Faith Forward in Hope Rally
314 Eclipse of Heaven 29/01/2006 St Stephen Lewisham Why have people given up hope? Forward in Hope Rally
315 Feel Good? 05/03/2006 St Mary's Lewisham The Use of Feelings Lent 1
316 Oh My God! 14/04/2006 St Stephen Lewisham Judas, Peter and Reconciliation Good Friday
317 Mission and Submission 14/05/2006 Ascension, Lavender Hill Saint Stephen, Protomartyr Any occasion
318 'Love bade me welcome' 18/06/2006 St Philip's Sydenham
All Saints Sydenham
George the Window-cleaner: On being reconciled with God Any occasion
319 Pilgrims and their Luggage 16/07/2004 All Saints Sydenham 'As Pilgrims Progress' Any occasion
320 The Many and the Few 30/07/2006 St Mary's Lewisham Street Pastors Recruiting for Street Pastors
321 True or False? 27/08/2006 St Andrew Croydon Is the Creed True or False? Any Occasion
322 Frail Earthen Vessels 01/10/2006 St Mary's Rotherhithe Learning doctrine from hymns Any Occasion
323 James and John: Just Imagine! 22/10/2006 St Stephen Lewisham Leader or Servant? Any Occasion
324 Christ the King 26/11/2006 St Mary's Rotherhithe 'I often wish I were a king' Christ the King
325 The Lord has spoken 24/12/2006 St Mary's Rotherhithe Dominus Locutus est – a New Hymn Advent 4
326 Get the Picture? 25/12/2006 St Stephen Lewisham Pictures, Photographs and Paintings Christmas Day
327 A Boy's Look 07/01/2007 St Mary's Rotherhithe How to search for God Epiphany
328 Interregnum = Opportunity 04/02/2007 St Mary's Rotherhithe Seize the Opportunity! Interregnum – actual or impending
329 The General Thanksgiving Part One 11/02/2007 St Stephen Lewisham Thank God for the Natural Any
330 The General Thanksgiving Part Two 18/02/2007 St Stephen Lewisham Thanking God for the Supernatural Any
331 Footprints in the Sand – a Funeral Homily 19/02/2007 St Stephen Lewisham Our Life a Pilgrimage Funeral
332 Suffering and Siloam 11/03/2007 St Mary Rotherhithe Making sense of suffering Year C Lent 3
333 The Triduum: an overview on Holy Saturday 31/03/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Mandate, Good and Holy Holy Saturday
334 Overcoming the World 07/04/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Christians and The World Year C Easter 2
335 Profiting from the Prophets I 29/08/1999 All Saints Benhilton Jeremiah and ourselves Any
336 Profiting from the Prophets II 05/09/1999 All Saints Benhilton Ezekiel and ourselves Any
337 Dives and Lazarus 26/09/1998 St Stephen Lewisham Poverty and Riches Any
338 Power without Control 03/04/1999 St Stephen Lewisham Ronaldo Advert and Control 1st Mass of Easter
339 Christ our Future 11/06/2000 St Andrew Croydon Looking back on Christ Our Future at London Arena 'Christ our Future'
340 Doubts: Part One 14/04/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Doubts after Disaster Eastertide
341 Doubts: Part Two 21/04/1991 St Stephen Lewisham Other Doubts Eastertide
342 Peter and Cornelius 03/05/1991 St Mary & St Chad  Longton Learning from Strangers Any
343 Signs and Wonders 24/03/2007 St Stephen Lewisham Lent 5 with baptism The Greater Sacraments
344 The Blotter 02/04/2007 St Stephen Lewisham A Friend's Love Tuesday in Holy Week
345 The Trinity in God-Pictures 03/06/2007 St Stephen Lewisham Images of the Trinity Trinity Sunday
346 Learning from Hymns 1 24/06/2007 St Peter Bushey Heath The Church's One Foundation Any
347 Called to Service 01/07/2007 All Saints Sydenham Slow and fast-motion Year C Week 13
348 David, Uriah and Nathan 17/06/2007 St Stephen Lewisham Temptation and sin Year C Week 11
349 Enlightenment??! 08/07/2006 All Saints Benhilton Faulty Ideas of  The Enlightenment Any
350 Learning from Hymns 2 22/07/2007 St Peter Bushey Heath Love divine all loves excelling Any
351 Learning from Hymns 3 05/08/2007 St Peter Bushey Heath Teach me, my God and King Any
352 Learning from Hymns 4 12/08/2007 Ascension Lavender Hill Her Virgin eyes saw God Incarnate born Marian Feast
354 Learning from Hymns 4 30/09/2007 St Peter Bushey Heath Her Virgin eyes saw God incarnate born Marian Feast
355 The Two Men at Prayer 28/10/2007 Ascension Lavender Hill Pharisee & Publican Any
356 Learning from Hymns 5 04/11/2007 St Mary's Lewisham For all the saints All Saints Tide
357 All about Sects 18/11/2007 St Michael Beckenham Sects, chiefly Jehovah's Witnesses Any
358 Christ the King 25/11/2007 Ascension Plumstead  'If I was King' Last Sunday of Year
359 Learning from Hymns 6 02/12/2007 St Peter Bushey Heath 'Happy are they, they that love God Advent 1: Death
360 Learning from Hymns 7 23/12/2007 St Peter Bushey Heath 'Wake, O Wake!' Advent 4: Heaven
361 Filled with Laughter 25/12/2007 St Stephen Lewisham To everyone his own laugh Christmas
362 Rules OK? 27/01/2008 St Stephen Lewisham Your Rule of Life Pre-Lent
363 Jesus is taken down from the cross 21/03/2008 Blackheath Good Friday Station of the Cross Holy Week
364 Choose Life 27/04/2008 St Stephen's Lewisham 40th anniversary of Abortion Act Pro-Life
365 Three Keys for Pentecost 10/05/2008 St Hilda's Crofton Park Thought Word & Deed Pentecost
366 St Peter & St Paul and the Baptism of Isaiah Aaron Lucas 29/06/2008 St Stephen's Lewisham Holy Baptism SS Peter & Paul
367 Sower and Seed 13/07/2008 St Stephen's Lewisham Mission in Christian Life Year A Week 15
368 The First Sign 16/08/2008 Trinity College Chapel Dublin A Mystical Sign Wedding
369 Like a Mighty Flood I 24/08/2008 Ascension Lavender Hill The Powerscourt Falls Insider & Outsider Views
370 Living Waters I 10/08/2008 All Saints Sydenham Water Imagery Any
371 Like a Mighty Flood II 31/08/2009 All Saints Sydenham The Powerscourt Falls Insider & Outsider Views
372 Living Waters II 07/09/2008 Ascension Lavender Hill Water Imagery Any
373 The Blessings of Forgiveness 14/09/2008 St Stephen's Lewisham The Cross and Creation Holy Cross Day
374 St Matthew the Man 21/09/2008 St Cuthbert Philbeach Gardens Apostleship and Likeability Interregnum
375 Remembrance Sunday Psalm 46 09/11/2008 St Stephen's Lewisham Psalm 46 God our Hope and Strength Remembrancetide
376 Christ the King 23/11/2008 St Cuthbert Philbeach Gardens Kingship, human and divine Christ the King
377 And the life everlasting 21/12/2008 St Cuthbert Philbeach Gardens Heaven and Hell Advent
378 Funeral of Muriel Palmer 23/01/2009 St Stephen's Lewisham 1 Corinthians 15 Funeral
379 Funeral of Daniel Myrie 29/01/2009 St Stephen's Lewisham Words from the Cross Funeral of Murder victim
380 The Atheist Bus 18/01/2009 St Stephen's Lewisham 'There probably is no God Any
381 Because I Say So Part One 01/02/2009 St Stephen's Lewisham No morals without religion Any
382 Because I Say So Part Two 08/02/2009 St Stephen's Lewisham No morals without religion Any
383 The Good Friday Letter 29/03/2009 St Cuthbert Philbeach Gardens Mary Magdalene's letter to our Lady Passiontide
384 The Donkey 05/04/2009 St Stephen's Lewisham The Rider and the Ass Palm Sunday
385 Disappointments 10/04/2009 St Stephen Lewisham Jesus's Disappointments and Ours Good Friday
386 Counting Sheep 03/05/2009 St Stephen Lewisham The Good Shepherd Year B Easter 4
387 The Great Vine 10/05/2009 All Saints Sydenham The Hampton Court Vine Easter 5 Year B 
388 All about Sects 18/11/2007 St Barnabas Beckenham What are sects? Any
389 Barnabas the Encourager 11/06/2009 St Barnabas Beckenham Encouragement Patronal Festival
390 'He taught them at some length' 19/07/2009 St Stephen Lewisham Importance of preaching Ordinary 17 Year B
391 'Taking Off' 23/08/2009 All Saints Sydenham Getting 'Airborne' Any
392 The Transfiguration 09/08/2009 St Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens Transfiguration  
393 Wisdom and folly 11/10/2009 All Saints Sydenham   Any
394 Pictures at a Confirmation 20/12/2009 St Stephen Lewisham Confirmation Confirmation
395 Have I Got News! 25/12/2009 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day  
396a All Wrapped Up Part One 03/01/2010 St Stephen Lewisham   The Epiphany
396b All Wrapped Up Part Two 10/01/2010 St Stephen Lewisham   Baptism of Jesus
397 Order or Chaos? 07/01/2010 All Saints Sydenham    
398 Funeral of Lilian McKenna 20/01/2010 St Stephen Lewisham   Funeral
399 Funeral of Gwen Grant 21/04/2010 St Stephen Lewisham   Funeral
400 The Search for Certainty 09/05/2010 All Saints Sydenham    
401 The Ascension 16/05/2010 Pembroke College Cambridge    
402 Design or Accident? Part One 18/07/2010 St Stephen Lewisham    
403 Design or Accident? Part Two 26/07/2011 St Stephen Lewisham    
404 Rabbits and Habits 10/06/2011 St Hilda's Crofton Park    
405 True and Living Bread 31/07/2011 St Stephen Lewisham    
406 God's Providence for His Church 21/08/2011 St Stephen Lewisham    
407 Critical Judgement Part One 04/09/2011 St Nicholas Plumstead    
408 Critical Judgement Part Two 18/09/2011 St Nicholas Plumstead    
409 Critical Judgement (short version) 09/10/2011 St Chad Haggeston    
410 Critical Judgement Part One (rev'd) 16/10/2011 All Saints Sydenham    
411 Critical Judgement Part Two (rev'd) 30/10/2011 All Saints Sydenham    
412 Baboushka and Comfort 04/12/11 St Andrew Catford    
413 Best of Times, Worst of Times 26/12/2011 St Stephen Lewisham Patronal Festival  
414 Wise Men of Today 08/01/2012 St Mary Lewisham    
415 Wise Men of Today 18/01/2012 St Stephen Lewisham    
416 All Present and Correct 05/02/2012 St Mary Lewisham The Presentation Candlemass
417 Now the Hour has come 03/04/2012 St Stephen Lewisham The Greeks & Philip Palm Sunday
418 Jesus Falls 06/04/2012 Churches on Blackheath   Good Friday
419 GOOD Friday? 06/04/2012 St Stephen Lewisham Seven words from the Cross Good Friday
420 Signs and Wonders 02/06/2012 St Stephen Lewisham Derek & Sybiol White 50th Wedding Anniversary  
421 Commandments and Rules 02/09/2012 St Stephen Lewisham    
422 Two Big Mistakes: 1 Nature and Supernature 28/07/2012 St Stephen Lewisham    
423 Two Big Mistakes: 2 Full Stop or Coming to an End 19/08/2012 St Stephen Lewisham    
424 Our Heritage 21/10/2012 St Stephen Lewisham    
425 When Troubles Come 18/11/2012 St Stephen Lewisham    
426 If I was King 25/11/2012 St Stephen Lewisham Christ the King  
427 No Ordinary People 23/12/2012 St Stephen Lewisham Advent 4 Year C  
428 The Bridge 25/12/2012 St Stephen Lewisham Christmas Day  
429 Happy Families? 30/12/2012 St Stephen Lewisham Holy Family  
430 Here I am: send me 10/02/2013 St Stephen Lewisham Call of Isaiah  There are no ordinary people
431 Dust and Ashes 13/02/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
434 In a Different Light 24/02/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
432 The Burning Bush 03/03/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
433 Reconciliation 10/03/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
434 The Bump 07/04/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
435 Three Keys for Pentecost 19/05/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
436 Two Sisters One Faith 21/07/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
437 Patrick and Lavinia Marriage 02/08/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
438 All Change 11/08/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
439  Funeral of Valda Brown 23/08/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
440 Put to Rights 24/08/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
441 The Dawkins Delusion 22/09/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
442 Servants or Slaves? 29/09/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    
443 The Food Chain 12/10/2013 St Stephen Lewisham   Harvest
445 Funeral of Mavis Harris 29/11/2013 St Stephen Lewisham 'Abide with me' Funeral Service
446 'Called to be Saints' 03/11/2013 St Stephen Lewisham GAFCON and our future GAFCON II
447 Beating Babel 16/02/2014 St Stephen Lewisham TEFL Pentecost
448 Solomon's Choice 27/07/2014 St Stephen Lewisham   Assumption
449 Mary's Assumption 17/08/2014 St Stephen Lewisham    
450 Mission and Submission 14/05/2006 Ascension Lavender Hill   St Stephen
451 “Here I am: send me” 10/02/2013 St Stephen Lewisham Isaiah 6: 1-9  
452 R.I.P Anne Ward 03/03/2016 St Stephen Lewisham   Funeral
453 Baptism and Citizenship 15/11/2015 St Stephen Lewisham    
454 Surprise! Surprise! 04/01/2015

St George’s, Headstone

455 The Suffering Servant 21/03/2016 St Stephen Lewisham

Isaiah 42 1-7

Monday in Holy Week
456 Jesus Dies on the Cross

Blackheath Stations of  Cross

Luke 23: 44-46


Good  Friday
457 ‘A Truer Beauty’ 21/04/2016 R.I.P Len Grimes   Funeral
458 Mary’s Assumption 17/08/2016 St Stephen Lewisham    
459 Accidie or Sick to Death 08/02/1997 St Stephen Lewisham    
460 Oil of Gladness 27/02/2005   Lent Ceremony Anointing

Best of Times, Worst of Times

26/12/2011 St Stephen Lewisham   St Stephen's Day
462 What do you think of Christ? 25/12/2015 St Stephen Lewisham   Christmas Day
463 Reconciliation 10/03/2013 St Stephen Lewisham    


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